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18th November 2011

Dear So & So – The quiet week edition

Dear Family,
thank you for all your help this week.
You really helped me take it easy after I had my little hernia scare the other day.
It’s been a lovely, relaxing week and you make me so happy.
I love you all.
Her who is nice and relaxed today.

Dear Readers,
it’s a short one this week but luckily for you, all you have to do is click the pic for more 🙂

Dear So and So...

5th weigh in

For the full story about my weight loss journey, please read….Okay, so it’s not a tumor.
Another week, another 2lb loss 🙂
This brings my total loss to 13lb. Next week, I’ll have lost my first stone 🙂

I’m still going strong, my willpower is holding out and I’m not snacking between meals.
I’m missing my snacks in the evening if I’m honest but the other day I had a scare which helped keep me on track the rest of the week.
I suddenly got a pain in the area where I can feel the hernia and had to go lie down on the bed. It was really scary and I thought I was going to end up having to call an ambulance and enduring an emergency operation.

The pain did eventually go and for the next few days I took it easy. To be honest, I was scared to move much in case it started hurting again but I’ve been fine all week.

I’ve got a Tesco delivery coming today and for tonight’s treat I’m having some Walkers Sensations crisps, some dip and some ice cream.
It’s funny how much I’m looking forward to having a snack tonight while watching tv with Ant!

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