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I’m still slowly getting back to my blog hops and today, a couple of days late, I’m joining in with the brilliant Listography 🙂
I love reading all the lists and I’m working my way through the links.

Here are my top 5 random things about me.

1) I used to love going out in the rain with my childhood friend, taking off our shoes and letting the mud squelch between our toes. I’m sure I’d still like it today….if I could be sure there were no creepy crawlies in the mud!

2) I’m addicted to tv shows, there are loads that I love but if I miss an episode, I can’t watch anymore of that series until I’ve watched the ones I’ve missed. Even if it means not watching it ever again.

3) Similarly, if I miss the start of a movie and can’t rewind it, I can’t watch it. I know it’s weird but I have to see it right from the beginning. I love Christmas movies and have already started recording and watching them. Hubby said today, ‘but it’s not even December yet darling!’.

4) I have to read at night if I’m to get any sleep. If I start reading a book though, I have to finish it. It’s like I’ve made a commitment and I have to see it through! Luckily, I usually pick ones that I really enjoy but there have been a couple where I couldn’t wait for them to finish. The one I’m reading at the moment, ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ is one of those. I can’t wait for it to end because even though I’m interested in the story, I’m not a fan of the way it’s written at all and my mind keeps wandering.

5) I used to co-manage the number one group in the software category on MSN. We taught people how to use Paint Shop Pro and we used to get over 10,000 posts a week. Our rule was that every post had at least one reply so that no member of our group ever got ignored. It was like having a full time, unpaid job but I loved it. I made some wonderful friends and if you were ever a member of Robbie’s Creative Retreat, or Robbie’s Members, please feel free to come and say hi 🙂 I can’t promise to remember you (I have a terrible memory!) but I’d still love to catch up.


Fairy Princess Tent – Review

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The lovely people at Big Game Hunters sent us* a very pretty, Fairy Princess Tent to review.

It arrived while the girls were at school and I hadn’t told them about it because I wanted it to be a surprise.
We spent all day Saturday sorting and re-arranging their bedroom trying to make room to fit it in! I told them we were making more room to fit all the new toys in that Santa was going to bring them! It wasn’t exactly a fib because we needed to do that as well and the girls got rid of loads of toys they no longer play with 🙂

It arrived just as Ant was going back to work after his lunch so he took it upstairs for me and left me to it.
I was a bit skeptical that I’d be able to put it together, especially as it was made from wood and needed screwing together, rather than metal or plastic poles that slot together. I usually leave ‘putting together’ jobs to Ant but I wanted it all done for when the girls got home so I did myself 🙂

I needn’t have worried at all. The instructions were very easy to follow, however, I do think the 15 minutes time frame given for putting it all together is a bit very optimistic! It took me about an hour to put it all together (including taking a few photos) which for me was quite good, even if I do say so myself!
The screws went in very easily and the only real problem I had was with Instruction 2. It said to screw the upright poles in but there were no screw holes in the plastic fittings. The poles were an extremely good fit though so I had no worries about it coming apart.

The canvas is waterproof and very thick. I must say again, the quality of the materials is excellent. I was very impressed. The colours and design are lovely and I knew the girls were going to fall in love with it!

I shouted them upstairs when they came home from school and Ella gave a little squeal of excitement when she saw it. They both ran straight inside, giggling and saying how ‘cool’ it was!
As soon as they’d got over the initial excitement, they ran to the dressing up box to put their princess dresses on. They moved pillows and duvets in and made a bed for them to share!

They played in it for quite a while and the only problem we had was with the tie strings that hold the door open. KayCee rolled it up and double knotted it. It took me ages to get it undone and I think a velcro fastener would have been more practical.

They both kept thanking me for getting them the ‘beautiful castle’ and giving me kisses and cuddles.
To see my girls so happy and excited was really lovely and the Fairy Princess Tent gets a huge thumbs up from this family!

Guess where they slept last night?!

*We received the tent free of charge in return for a review. My review was honest and accurate.