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20th October 2011

#TheGallery – Faces

The Gallery is taking a week off but seeing as I’ll be on holiday next week, I wanted to get the post done now so I only have to spend a couple of minutes linking up next Wednesday.

I’ve found a few photos that I could use for the prompt this week but even as I was looking through all our photos, I knew the one I one I was going to use.
The reason I hesitated is because I’ve used this photo recently on a post but I decided it was good enough to use twice!

This is my gorgeous little girl, Ella and her cousin, Jake. There’s always been a special connection between these two. I don’t know why or when it started, it just always seems to have been there.
They don’t get to see each other that often, with us living in Lincoln and Jake living in Derbyshire but they love getting together and going to the park or just playing in the house.

I love how the expressions on their faces mirror each other and the sheer happiness that has been captured is a moment to treasure forever.

Ella says Jake is her boyfriend and she’s going to marry him when she’s older! That remains to be seen but whatever the outcome of the relationship!, I hope they continue to have that special bond and be there for each other throughout their lives 🙂

1st weigh in

If you read my post last week after my trip to the doctor’s….Okay, so it’s not a tumor, you’ll know that I have to lose a lot of weight to be able to have an operation to sort out a hernia.

I started my diet the same day I got the news about the hernia which was a week ago today.
I’m using sparkpeople to help keep track of the calories I’m eating. It’s a free site and it really helps me to manage my food intake. It works out how many calories, carbs, fat and protein you should eat each day to have a healthy balanced diet.
For my height and weight, it recommends the following:

Daily calories – 1450 – 1800
Daily carbs – 191 – 276
Daily fat – 38 – 66
Daily protein – 60 – 149

Here are my results for the past week:
(results in green = hit target/results in blue = below target/results in red = over target)

Thursday 13 October:
Daily calories – 1042
Daily carbs – 119
Daily fat – 39
Daily protein – 36

Friday 14 October:
Daily calories – 1251
Daily carbs – 125
Daily fat – 15
Daily protein – 80

Saturday 15 October:
Daily calories – 1568
Daily carbs – 221
Daily fat – 44
Daily protein – 60

Sunday 16 October:
Daily calories – 1740
Daily carbs – 251
Daily fat – 65
Daily protein – 77

Monday 17 October:
Daily calories – 1348
Daily carbs – 165
Daily fat – 52
Daily protein – 59

Tuesday 18 October:
Daily calories – 1451
Daily carbs – 190
Daily fat – 19
Daily protein – 41

Wednesday 19 October:
Daily calories – 1670
Daily carbs – 193
Daily fat – 58
Daily protein – 43

My weight last week 29 stone, 7lb (413lb)
My weight this week is 28 stone, 12lb (404lb)

My loss this week is 9lb :o)

We go on holiday tomorrow so it’s going to be tough keeping track of the calories (no Internet in the apartment) but I’m determined not to over eat and undo all the hard work from this past week.

I’ll add my photos to this post later when Aiden’s home from school because he has to take them for me!

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