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6th October 2011

Autumn Tree. Part One

The nights are drawing in, the girls can’t play outside for as long after school and the, ‘I’m bored’ whinging has begun.

It’s time to organise some indoor play so this is our first installment. We’re going to paint a huge picture of a tree and make various things to attach to it, like leaves and birds.
Last night, in between making the yummy Millionaire’s Shortbread we did hand and foot printing.

Yes it’s messy and yes it takes ages to clear up and yes, I really dislike clearing up after a painting session but these girls love anything to do with paint so I just got on with it and enjoyed spending the time together.




We used different shades of oranges, yellows and browns because we’re going to turn our foot and handprints into autumn leaves which we’ll attach to the tree.

I did this activity with Aiden when he was about Ella’s age and he was really proud of his tree.
It’s going to be very big so we’re using a door to display it as we don’t have any wall space big enough.
We have a big roll of paper that Ant got from somewhere ages ago but you could always buy an end of the line roll of wallpaper from your local DIY shop.
Our local B&M sell the rolls of wallpaper and borders for about 50p/£1 when they come to the end of the line.

I’ll get the girls to cut out their prints tomorrow when they get home from school. That’ll keep them quiet while I do dinner then we’ll hang the paper and paint our tree.

Check back for our next installment on Saturday 🙂