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16th September 2011

Dear So & So

Dear Rain,
thank you for staying away all weekend (apart from the time you started, forcing me to pack away the paintbrush then stopped as soon as everything was away five minutes later!). Ant and I both appreciated being able to get 2 full days work done in the garden 🙂

Yours, a very grateful, Shell

Dear Wind,
you’re not being as helpful as the rain. You’re actually making a mess and if you carry on, something’s going to get broken. You’ve already knocked over our new arch that we haven’t had chance to secure yet. Thankfully, our new jasmine plants, that are going to grow over said arch, are safely stored in the kitchen.
I’m asking nicely, please go away!
Yours, a bit peed off, Shell.

Dear Children,
You’ve been loads better at breakfast time this week. You’ve been nice to each other, for the most part and haven’t taken all morning to finish eating and get ready for school 🙂
Mornings have been less stressful and you girls have even had chance to play for a bit instead of being rushed out of the door.
Your bedrooms, however, are another matter entirely!
We’ll discuss this further if the situation doesn’t improve soon 😉
Yours lovingly, Mum/Mummy xx

Dear Ant,
I really enjoyed spending all that time with you at the weekend, working together on our garden.
I’m really looking forward to our new ‘kissing bench’ to be finished, and to hearing KayCee’s giggle every time you mention kissing!! :oD
I’m sorry that I didn’t get the rest of the wood painted before Thursday….you’ve seen the motivation posts so you know why!
I love you my darling.
Your Shell, forever xxx

Dear Motivation,
please stop leaving me. My house needs cleaning, my garden needs doing, the laundry needs folding and putting away and you’re supposed to be there to help me get up from the chair and get it all done! Where do you keep running off to, that’s what I’d like to know?
Yours, the lady of the messy house!

Dear So and So...

Motivation – Came and went!

So after my moan yesterday about not being motivated, I decided today was the day to get everything done.
When everyone went off to start their day at school and work, I went upstairs and tidied the bathroom, our bedroom and the girls bedroom. The girls room took over an hour, again!
Only thing I haven’t done upstairs is hoover.
I came down to add the mountain of dirty laundry I got out of the girl’s room (ok, can’t blame them totally because I did change all the bedding but they also had too many clothes on the floor that hadn’t been put to wash so words will be had later!) to the pile already in the kitchen and I’m afraid to say I sat down at 11.30am for what was supposed to be a few minutes and I’m still here *oops*.

Ant came home for lunch around 12 and left again just after 1pm. Since then, I’ve been trying to sort out his contract for his mobile. His contract ends soon and I’ve been trying to sort out an upgrade with The Carphone Warehouse rather than upgrading with O2 because CPW do great deals. It took me ages. Suffice to say, I’m waiting for an email from the Carphone Warehouse. Hopefully they’ll be able to get it sorted.
Anyway, after that, I had to plant some new plants that got delivered yesterday and that’s all I’ve done since I came downstairs.

Ant’s bringing chips home so all I have to cook are the burgers and beans (forgot to make the casserole so we’re having a quickie tea instead and I’ll do the casserole tomorrow) and butter some bread and butter. I’m hungry just thinking about it and I’ve just remembered that I still haven’t done the kitchen so I’d best find that motivation, put the laptop down and get stuff done!

100 days to Christmas

Today’s tip from 101 Days to Christmas is to set up a family calendar.

There are some free calendars to print out on the site but I’d rather have my calendar online.
I set up a Christmas calendar on Windows Live Calendar and it can be shared with anyone you choose 🙂

I’m going to add the school dates and planned events I know about already, for instance, we always go to my Mum’s for Boxing Day tea.
Since moving to Lincoln, I miss seeing my family on Christmas Day so we visit every Boxing Day.
Aiden alternates between home and his Dad’s for Christmas. If he’s at home, we take him to his Dad’s on Boxing Day so he can spend the rest of the holidays with him and if he’s at his Dad’s for Christmas, he comes home on Boxing Day.
This year he’s at home 🙂 so we’ll go to tea at my Mum’s with all the family and leave Aiden there when we come home.
The girls may or may not decide to stay. We’ll sort that out at the time!

So my first task to get organised is done and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s email to see what we have to do!