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Kaycee and Ella

Back to school

Back To School

I got a little emotional this morning while waving the kids off on their first day back to school.

It’s Kaycee’s last year in junior school, it’s Aiden’s last year in secondary school and all of a sudden it hit me how fast time is going.
I remember watching Aiden toddling about and wondering to myself what kind of person he was going to be.

I’m so lucky to have the most wonderful, kind and caring son a person could wish for. He helps around the house without moaning, he’s always respectful and he still gives me cuddles!
I’m not putting his photo on this year, although I did take one this morning. I’ve taken one every first day of school since he started school but now he’s older, he’s not keen on being photographed anymore and doesn’t like me putting his photo online so I respect his wishes.

The girls, however, love posing, as you can see!

Kaycee before her first day back to school


Ella before her first day back at school


Kaycee and Ella in school uniform


Sister selfies

I love coming across the selfies the girls take when they borrow my phone or camera. I especially love the sister selfies they took while in the car.

They tend to argue and bicker quite a lot so seeing photos of them being nice to each other and actually smiling together makes my heart smile!
Ella seems to have a thing about sticking her tongue out in her selfies!

Ella Selfie photo
Ella seems to take quite a few selfies in which she has her tongue sticking out!


Ella selfie photo


Ella selfie photo
There’s that tongue again!


selfie photo


selfie photo
See……the tongue is out again!


selfie photo


selfie photo


selfie photo


selfie photo


selfie photo


selfie photo


selfie photo


selfie photo


selfie photo


selfie photo


KayCee and Ella sister selfies
Ella and that tongue!


KayCee and Ella sister selfies
I’m not mentioning it again!


Birthday BBQ

The girls have a joint party every year. Kaycee’s birthday is on the 2nd and Ella’s is on the 8th. This year we had a birthday BBQ for family and friends.

Kaycee also had friends for a sleepover the night before her birthday and Ella’s having friends sleep over on her birthday on Friday. I was dreading having all those girls in one place but thankfully it wasn’t too bad!
They didn’t go to sleep until around 11pm (well they went quiet at that time, whether they were actually asleep is anyone’s guess!) but apart from that they were all really lovely girls, very well behaved and had excellent manners 🙂

It was lovely seeing everyone at the BBQ and the girls had a great time 🙂 I didn’t get many photos because until the candles were ready to be lit, I totally forgot to even pick my phone up. I have to admit that even though I missed lots of photo opportunities, I don’t regret it because I spent time actually talking to the guests and enjoying myself 🙂

KayCee at her birthday BBQ, blowing out the candles on her cake


Ella at her birthday BBQ with her birthday cake


Ella looking at her birthday cake



Our little entrepreneurs!

Yesterday, while visiting Nanny and doing a little weeding in her woodland garden, Kaycee found some saplings and didn’t want to throw them away with the weeds.
She asked Nanny for a pot so she could plant them and sell them when they’d grown bigger.

Today she’s been talking about her saplings and came up with the idea of growing more plants so she can sell them.
We ended up spending the day emptying the greenhouse (we’d been using it to store kitchen stuff, duvets, computer stuff and loads of other stuff) and getting it organised so the girls could start growing flowers!

They’re now planning on writing a blog about their new business and they’re trying to think of a name to call it.
We’ve been discussing how businesses make a profit and the fact that you have to use some of the money you get from selling the plants, to buy more seeds, pots and compost.

They’ve been planting the seeds I get free on the front of the gardening magazines I buy 🙂

I think Kaycee’s going to love running her little business because she’s a born organiser and she already has her first customer….Nanny put her order in today!











The daisy pictures are here just because we all love the huge daisies we have in our lawn 🙂

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