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It’s my birthday

It’s My Birthday – 42 Today & Feeling My Age!

42 today 🙂 Well, I think I am; I keep forgetting how old I am and one year I thought I was a year older than I was. It was a really nice surprise when someone told me I was actually a year younger!!
That, someone, wasn’t Ant, though because he’s always saying I’m older than I am and he even says I’m older than him! (He’s 18 years older than me for anyone who doesn’t know us!)
I have to admit, however, the first signs of ageing are starting to creep in. My face has erupted in what looks like milk spots that babies get but apparently, they’re called milia spots. Also, the skin on my forehead is constantly dry no matter how much I moisturise. I’m going to have to get some professional advice from a skin clinic soon!

Anyway, enough of the depressing, getting older, talk. I still love my birthdays because all my lovely family spoil me rotten 🙂

Birthday Presents – 42 Today 🙂

Last year I told KayCee I was 31 instead of 41 and it took me a few minutes to realise I wasn’t in my 30’s anymore.

birthday presents and flowers - 42 today

I’ve not opened my presents and cards yet because early this morning we called to check on my father-in-law and he wasn’t well. He got taken to hospital in an ambulance and Ant’s been there with him all day.

We’re postponing my birthday until tomorrow after school so everyone can be here 🙂 Well, that’s except for the bottle of salted caramel liqueur my dad gave me a day early….it’s going down a treat!

Edit – 15th July

I didn’t manage to open them in front of everyone because Ant was back at the hospital with his dad and Ella went out to her friend’s house!

We had a little mishap with the presents as well –

I thought it looked like I’d got lots of books and I knew I didn’t have that many on my Amazon wishlist. All became clear when Ella gave me the presents she’d wrapped for me – 2 of them were books I’d bought for KayCee’s birthday next month and had given to Ant to hide for me!

He’d put them on the wrong shelf (he has a shelf in the garage for me and a shelf for the children’s presents that we buy throughout the year. None of us except him, go in the garage so it’s a good storage place!) and gave the whole series to me. He even ordered the last book from Amazon because it wasn’t available when I bought the first 5 books!

Spoilt again!

As usual, I’ve been spoilt for my birthday.

42 today birthday presents
The flowers were from my lovely friend, Sandra and the Bayliss and Harding gift set was from my other lovely friend, Wendy 🙂
42 today birthday presents
The books were from Aiden, KayCee, Ella and Ant. The Chris Mooney ones complete the series and I can’t wait to read them 🙂
42 today birthday presents
My best friend, Jo, bought me the hurricane lamp and candle and a tin of Bailey’s iced latte – it was delicious! Kellyann bought me the Harry Potter mug and HoneyDukes candle 🙂
42 today birthday presents
My lovely dad bought me the salted caramel drink and the super wonderful husband and children bought me another fairy house for the garden 🙂

Delicious Birthday Cake

The day before my birthday, I went out for lunch with some of my Slimming World ladies and the wonderful Fay made me an absolutely delicious and huge, chocolate birthday cake!
They got the staff to bring it out to me after lunch and they sang happy birthday 🙂

Sunflower birthday cake


41 Today – Birthday Girl and Spoilt For The Day!

Birthday Girl – 41 Today!


Turning 40 last year didn’t bother me as much as turning 30 had done! I’m happy to be in my forties and I don’t feel as old as I expected to!

I did incorrectly tell Kaycee I was 31 when she asked how old I was today, though. It just came out and it took me a few seconds to realise I wasn’t actually 31; Freudian slip comes to mind!

In The Morning…

When I woke this morning, everyone had forgotten it was my birthday and it was a quarter of an hour before anyone wished me a happy birthday. Kaycee went upstairs to fetch my pressies and get Ella up and Ant went to help.
Now Ella isn’t her best in the mornings. She’s like me and prefers to be left alone until she’s woken up slowly. She didn’t get to do that this morning and I ended up with 2 crying girls handing me birthday gifts!

Kaycee was upset because she had to leave early for school and was going to miss me opening my presents. Ella was upset because Ant had to talk to sharply to her to get her out of bed.
I had to promise Kaycee that I’d wait for her to come home from school before I opened my presents!

Slimming World

I had to go to Slimming World today and do the weigh in for everyone this morning. In the afternoon I  did a couple of hours in the charity shop. I usually do Tuesday mornings at the charity shop but something came up yesterday and I wasn’t able to make it.

So after a busy day, I went home to finally open my presents!

They were worth wait 🙂


41 today - birthday presents

41 today - birthday presents

41 today - birthday presents

I got seasons 5 and 6 of Game of Thrones (we’re only season 2 at the moment!)

41 today - birthday presents

Always lots of books from the family and a lovely top from my from my friend 🙂

41 today - birthday presents

Some gorgeous plants from a friend at Slimming World and a candle from the ladies at the charity shop.
My best friend bought me the gorgeous angel bird house and the alcohol….she knows me well!

41 today - birthday presents

The fairy birdbath and the owl bookmark with my birthstone on are from Ant and the kids 🙂

41 today - birthday presents

Garden Centre Vouchers

Finally, I got some garden centre vouchers and this wonderful fairy from my mother-in-law.
I got more garden centre vouchers from my father-in-law and my step daughter and her partner also got me garden centre vouchers and a Winnie The Pooh mug.

My mum’s bought me a fairy house for the garden but she lives in Derbyshire and I haven’t seen her yet. I know what it looks like, though, as I added it to my Amazon wishlist last month!

I’ve had a really lovely day and want to thank everyone for making me feel so special.


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