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homemade gingerbread house

Kaycee’s gingerbread house

Kaycee cutting the dough

Kaycee’s got a Christmas party at school on Thursday and instead of buying a couple of packets of biscuits for her contribution, she wants to take a gingerbread house in!

We don’t get much time in the evenings after school due to Kaycee going to Guides on a Monday, Ella going to cubs on a Wednesday, Granddad coming to dinner on a Thursday and the kids going off to Derbyshire for the weekend on a Friday so the only day we have free is a Tuesday.

Christmas Cookies

Ella’s got her Christmas party tomorrow and thankfully she didn’t want to take a gingerbread house, she wanted to take stained glass cookies so I’ve spent all afternoon making gingerbread dough for Kaycee and sugar cookie dough for Ella then all evening helping them roll the dough, cut the shapes and bake them.

Ella's finished cookies


Close up of reindeer cookie



Daddy helping Kaycee cut the dough
Baked gingerbread house pieces


Assembling gingerbread house

Gingerbread House

We managed to get the walls stuck together and when the girls went to bed, I got the roof pieces on. Kaycee’s going to decorate it while Ella is at Cubs tomorrow night.

We used icing made with icing sugar and egg whites instead of water, It makes a much better glue to stick the pieces together

I’ll update the post tomorrow with Kaycee’s finished masterpiece πŸ™‚

Wednesday 16th

Kaycee finished the gingerbread house and is very proud of it πŸ™‚

Starting to decorate the gingerbread house


Front of finished gingerbread house


First side of finished gingerbread house


Back of gingerbread house


Second side of gingerbread house


Our gingerbread houses :)

We’ve always used a gingerbread house kit before but this year we wanted to try and make one from scratch. It was a bit tricky at times but I reckon now we’ve done it once we’ll be making them from scratch every year πŸ™‚

We used a gingerbread house recipe from TescoΒ and the finished gingerbread is delicious.

The girls are taking them to their Nanny’s Christmas party for all the family to enjoy and we’re going to make more at the weekend for my mum and sister πŸ™‚