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Happy Birthday

Double Digits! Happy 10th Birthday Ella

Double Digits

Double digits Happy birthday Ella

I can’t believe my youngest child is now into double digits! Ella’s been very excited about her birthday this year. Mind you, she always is but she’s matured a little this year. Her presents have been arriving for the past week and instead of hiding them I’ve been putting them on the fireplace with Kaycee’s.

She would normally be begging to open them but this year she’s only asked once!

I think she’s finally understanding that opening them early only leaves disappointment on your birthday. You’ve nothing left to open and your birthday is then just like any other day.

She hasn’t got as many presents this year as she usually does. She’s asked for spending money for when she goes to Disneyland Paris with her sister, Kellyann and her partner, Ian, in a couple of weeks.

Ella's last day of being 9!

Happy birthday beautiful girl. We love you 🙂


41 Today – Birthday Girl and Spoilt For The Day!

Birthday Girl – 41 Today!


Turning 40 last year didn’t bother me as much as turning 30 had done! I’m happy to be in my forties and I don’t feel as old as I expected to!

I did incorrectly tell Kaycee I was 31 when she asked how old I was today, though. It just came out and it took me a few seconds to realise I wasn’t actually 31; Freudian slip comes to mind!

In The Morning…

When I woke this morning, everyone had forgotten it was my birthday and it was a quarter of an hour before anyone wished me a happy birthday. Kaycee went upstairs to fetch my pressies and get Ella up and Ant went to help.
Now Ella isn’t her best in the mornings. She’s like me and prefers to be left alone until she’s woken up slowly. She didn’t get to do that this morning and I ended up with 2 crying girls handing me birthday gifts!

Kaycee was upset because she had to leave early for school and was going to miss me opening my presents. Ella was upset because Ant had to talk to sharply to her to get her out of bed.
I had to promise Kaycee that I’d wait for her to come home from school before I opened my presents!

Slimming World

I had to go to Slimming World today and do the weigh in for everyone this morning. In the afternoon I  did a couple of hours in the charity shop. I usually do Tuesday mornings at the charity shop but something came up yesterday and I wasn’t able to make it.

So after a busy day, I went home to finally open my presents!

They were worth wait 🙂


41 today - birthday presents

41 today - birthday presents

41 today - birthday presents

I got seasons 5 and 6 of Game of Thrones (we’re only season 2 at the moment!)

41 today - birthday presents

Always lots of books from the family and a lovely top from my from my friend 🙂

41 today - birthday presents

Some gorgeous plants from a friend at Slimming World and a candle from the ladies at the charity shop.
My best friend bought me the gorgeous angel bird house and the alcohol….she knows me well!

41 today - birthday presents

The fairy birdbath and the owl bookmark with my birthstone on are from Ant and the kids 🙂

41 today - birthday presents

Garden Centre Vouchers

Finally, I got some garden centre vouchers and this wonderful fairy from my mother-in-law.
I got more garden centre vouchers from my father-in-law and my step daughter and her partner also got me garden centre vouchers and a Winnie The Pooh mug.

My mum’s bought me a fairy house for the garden but she lives in Derbyshire and I haven’t seen her yet. I know what it looks like, though, as I added it to my Amazon wishlist last month!

I’ve had a really lovely day and want to thank everyone for making me feel so special.


Birthday girl – Happy birthday, beautiful.

Birthday girl

birthday girl

11th birthday, already!

Time flies.

Far too fast.

Our little baby is now 11 years old and getting herself ready for secondary school. It doesn’t seem possible that this time has come around so soon.

She’s off on holiday with family this week while we get new flooring down in the kitchen. We’re not going to see her until Saturday but we saw her yesterday and we gave her her presents a day early.

We’re so proud of the brilliant young lady she’s becoming and even though we want to stop time to stop her getting any older, we also can’t wait to see her turn into the wonderful woman we know she’s going to be.

It’s a new chapter for you, darling Kaycee. I know it’s scary. I remember it well, but I also know you’re strong and ready to face these new challenges.
Dad and I think you’re going to LOVE secondary school once you’ve got yourself settled and we’re excited to see how well you’re going to do.

Kaycee 11th birthday. Birthday girl


It’s my 40th birthday!

It’s my 40th birthday today, 40 is the new 30, right?

Keep calm, 40 is the new 30

I keep hearing that 40 is the new 30 and seeing as it’s nearly the end of my 40th birthday, I’m hoping it’s true!

I’ve had a wonderful day.

I’ve been spoilt rotten, drank lots of wine, eaten lots of pizza which I haven’t had for months and had cake and ice cream for pudding, so yep, it’s been a great day 🙂

My gorgeous Kaycee made a delicious cake; she put so much effort into it then cried because she’d been pushed for time and it wasn’t turning out how she wanted it.
She’d had trouble with the first 2 cakes she made; someone probably me, had put the wrong flour in the jar so she used plain flour instead of self-raising. She was trying to make a chocolate cake but they tasted more like chocolate brownies. She used cookie cutters to cut them into different shapes.

I kept telling her that I loved the fact she had taken so much time to make me a cake. It didn’t matter what it looked like because I knew it was going to taste delicious, no matter what.

She cheered up when I gave some suggestions as to how she could cover the sides using the cut-out chocolate brownie pieces she’d accidently made earlier!

It tasted delicious, as I knew it would. I now have to resist having another slice because as from tomorrow I’m back on the diet!

wrapped birthday present pile

Unwrapped birthday presents

Unwrapped birthday presents, lots of books

Unwrapped birthday presents, Bayliss and Harding and an ice cream maker

Unwrapped birthday presents, more books!

Unwrapped birthday presents, DVDs, new tops and lily bulbs

Unwrapped birthday presents, silver locket, pewter fairies

I had a birthday BBQ on Sunday. Some of my family came from Derbyshire to celebrate with me and I had a really lovely afternoon.
My girls spent the afternoon in the pool with their cousins and they all had a brilliant time.

The kids in the pool

I got to spend time with my boy. He’s been at his dad’s since he left school a few weeks ago and is staying there for most of the summer. I also loved seeing my mum and dad who I don’t get to see often enough.

Mum, dad and Aiden

My stepdaughter, Kellyann made me a wonderful birthday cake.

Kellyann and grandad

Strawberry and white chocolate 40th birthday cake

I want to thank everyone who has sent presents, cards and birthday wishes. I want also want to thank Kellyann and Kaycee for the lovely cakes 😀


It’s my birthday!

Well, there’s less than an hour left of it but it’s been a great day 🙂 I’ve spent most of it laying more path at Nanny’s house and it was lovely and warm without being uncomfortably hot. I’m really pleased with my path laying abilities! I’ve started on the curve and I was dreading it in case I got it all wrong but I found it surprisingly easy and love how it’s looking.

It was a very relaxing day and I really enjoyed the peace and quiet.

I’ve been spoilt as usual 🙂


Kaycee made me a surprise birthday cake. She pretended she was making it for daddy! She did it all herself, even putting the tins in the oven (I took them out) then instructed Aiden and Ella how she wanted it decorated when it had cooled!

It was delicious 🙂
For dinner we had a takeaway. I’ve not had one for months and I really enjoyed it but I reckon after nearly a year of being on Slimming World my body isn’t used to all those calories in a single meal and I’m now feeling bloated, sluggish and extremely thirsty.
I’m going to have be extra careful with my syns for the next few days seeing as I set myself a target of a 2lb loss this week!
I’m off to bed shortly but I had to share my happy birthday from Google. Probably everyone on the planet knows about the Google birthday message but I didn’t and I have to admit it made me smile when I saw it!


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