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Our Halloween Photos 2018

This year KayCee organised a Halloween party for her friends while Ella went Trick Or Treating with her friend and her friend’s older sister.
By all accounts, they both really enjoyed the night and I’m here to share a few of the Halloween photos they took; they didn’t get many photos because I think everyone was having too much fun to remember to take them!

Halloween Photos 2018

Halloween photos 2018 - KayCee and her friends at her Halloween party

KayCee's friends at her Halloween party

KayCee's Deathly Hallows pumpkin
KayCee’s Deathly Hallows pumpkin – she scooped out the middle and got it ready to carve but ran out of time so had to turn to her dad for help!
Ella's Harry Potter pumpkin
Ella’s Harry Potter pumpkin – she also got help from dad!

Halloween Photos 2017

Kaycee’s And Ella’s Party – Halloween 2017

We’ve never thrown a Halloween party before. I’d promised the girls that we would have one, one year and this was our Halloween 2017 party. I’m happy to say, they had a great time 🙂 They decorated the new covered outdoor kitchen and set out a buffet.

They invited friends from school and they all arrived in brilliant costumes. After filling up on burgers and Mummy hotdogs followed by apple slices dipped in chocolate from the chocolate fountain, they all went Trick or Treating.

I have to confess, though, that I’m a little annoyed with myself. I took photos of all the food and decorations but totally forgot to take photos of Kaycee and Ella in their costumes!
It’s the first year I didn’t get costume photos and I’m a little sad 🙁

Halloween 2017 party food Halloween 2017 chocolate fountain Halloween 2017 party food Halloween 2017 party food Halloween 2017 decorations Halloween 2017 party assorted Halloween truffles ghost and eyeball truffles Halloween 2017 Brain jelly Halloween 2017 Halloween 2017 marshmallow eyeballs Halloween 2017 Q-tips made from marshmallows and peanut butter


Halloween Plans – Party In The Grotto!

Halloween Plans

We went shopping to B&M at the weekend. I was looking for storage boxes for Kaycee’s and Ella’s new wardrobes. There were none to be found but the Kaycee and Ella soon found the Halloween aisle! Ant had mentioned that we might be able to have a Halloween party this year. He suggested we could decorate the new patio area, (henceforth known as the grotto!) now the roof is done.
This sent the girls into a tizzy of excitement and they started on the Halloween plans while we were walking round the shops!
Ella asked if she could use my phone so she could take photos of the things they want. She took A LOT of photos.

These are just a few of them 🙂

Ella posing - Halloween plans Frankenstein decoration - Halloween plans Spider decoration - Halloween plans Ghost decoration - Halloween plans Trick or treat bucket - Halloween plans Skeleton in a cage decoration - Halloween plans Skull glass - Halloween plans LED candle - Halloween plans

We didn’t buy anything for Halloween at B&M but we stopped off at Poundworld on the way back and bought loads of stuff.
Instead of a small party/buffet type thing that was in my head, the girls have planned for something much bigger! I’m actually looking forward to seeing what they come up with; we’ll be leaving all the preparations to them 🙂

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