My Christmas Planning And Preparation

My Christmas planning and preparations are coming along nicely. I’ve only got one gift left to buy plus a few stocking fillers.
The problem I’m facing now is lack of storage space! I think I’m going to have to pinch the cupboard at the top of Ant’s wardrobe because mine is full!

Food Shopping

I still have to make a list of the food shopping we’re going to need for Christmas day and our buffet party. We usually have a buffet on Christmas Eve for the family members that live close to us, but this year we’re having it on the 10th December instead.
Nanny would usually invite all the family to her house midway through December. Most of them live quite far away so it’s a chance for everyone to drop off their presents for others and pick up ones for themselves.
Nanny’s just had a knee operation, however, and doesn’t feel up to hosting this year so we said we’ll have it at ours instead.

buffet - Christmas planning

Christmas Eve

Ella and Kaycee were disappointed when I said I wasn’t doing the Christmas Eve buffet because we were having it earlier in the month. They pleaded for me to have 2 buffets but we’ve compromised and said people can still come round and we’ll just have drinks and nibbles instead of a full buffet.

I’ve bought all the Christmas Eve pyjamas, mugs and hot chocolate which has become our Christmas Eve tradition.
I’ve been looking on the net for some Christmas pyjamas for me, but I haven’t found any I really like or if I do really like them, they’re not in my size.
Finding plus size Christmas pyjamas that don’t cost the earth is proving difficult!
I bought some earlier this year but they turned out to be a bit uncomfortable. Pyjamas have to be comfortable, it’s the law!

Santa's hand picking up a cookie from plate that's next to a mug of hot chocolate with a candy cane sticking out of the top

Christmas Day.

I’m not sure who is coming to dinner on Christmas Day yet. I know Granddad’s coming but I’m not sure about of Ant’s boys. I’ll be getting in touch with them this week so I can see if they have plans.

I’m starting to get really excited about Christmas now. I’ve been watching Christmas movies for a while and it won’t be long until I get the Christmas CDs out!

Christmas dinner table

How’s your Christmas planning coming along?