Ella’s Beaver Christmas Fair

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Ella was very proud to be running her stall with another Beaver today at the Beaver Christmas fair and we all had a lovely afternoon.

Beaver Christmas Fair

They were selling table decorations they had made at Beavers. They cost 50p each and as you can see, they were all lovely.

We found a great bargain while we there. I’ve been looking for some small end tables for ages but they were all so expensive. They had a matching pair that cost £3 each or 2 for £5. I love them!

I like being able to go and support Beavers, Cubs and scouts. The Christmas fair raised nearly £400 for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts 🙂

Ella’s Beaver Investiture

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She’s been waiting all week for the Beaver investiture ceremony all week and it didn’t disappoint! She left Beavers last night very excited and kept saying, I can’t believe I’m an actual Beaver now 🙂

Ella's Beaver Investiture ceremony
I didn’t get permission to post photos of the leader or other Beavers so I’m respecting their privacy.
Ella's Beaver Investiture ceremony - she's very happy to be a Beaver

She was given the Beaver teddy to look after for the week and when we got home she took a selfie with him!

Ella and Beaver selfie


And of course, she had to take him to school with her today 🙂

Beaver goes to school

She absolutely loves Beavers and I’m so pleased because she was disappointed that she didn’t enjoy Rainbows like she thought she was going too.

Now we have to buy her a jumper and necker because I bought the t-shirt trying to be clever, thinking she wouldn’t need the jumper in summer but it turns out the uniform is the jumper and is needed to sew the badges on to!
She had to borrow Aiden’s necker for her investiture and she’ll have to keep borrowing it until we can get her one 🙂