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Shiny New KitchenAid #KitchenAid


The super wonderful husband has always wanted a KitchenAid but more so just recently. He has been baking our daily bread (well, not mine because I can’t have white bread on Slimming World without using syns) for a few years now.

Kneading the dough was getting hard for him so his mum bought him a stand mixer for Christmas 2015. He loved it and used it for lots of different things, including mashed potatoes, which everyone agrees, he’s the master at! He makes his own pasta dough and baked along with Jenny for her Great British Bake Off linky last year.

We all loved his fougasse and I for one can’t wait till he makes it again. I’ll have to save lots of syns for that!

Unfortunately, it didn’t last the year and he ended up returning it and getting the money back. He decided to try a Kenwood mixer. It’s been ok and is still working but it wasn’t as good as his first mixer.

Starting to save up

We decided that due to the amount of baking and cooking he now does (he does 90% of the cooking now) he should start saving for a KitchenAid.

I told his Mum, Dad and children, as well as my side of the family who buy him Christmas and birthday gifts, that he was saving for a mixer. His birthday is 6 weeks before Christmas Day. Thanks to our family, he got quite a chunk of the cost of his mixer last year.

After a week of disappointment and annoyance due to a not very communicative Ebay seller, which tarnished the excitement a little, he finally got a tracking number and learned that it was for delivery yesterday.

His brand spanking, sparkly red KitchenAid mixer arrived in the morning and he LOVES it 🙂

Now we just have to change the colour scheme of our kitchen from blue to red. Time to go shopping!

Red KitchenAid Artisan

Homemade Wholemeal Bread

Homemade Bread

The super wonderful husband enjoys making fresh homemade bread every day. The trouble is, he makes white bread and as I’m on Slimming World, I can’t have any (well, I can if I use my syns but I like to save them for a treat at night while we’re watching tv) and have to put up with the smell of baking bread. It’s torture sometimes, seriously!

Today, Ant made a wholemeal loaf instead of a white one and it smells wonderful! I can’t wait to have some for my breakfast 🙂

I’m not sure whether I’m going to have beans, bacon and egg on toast with some fried mushrooms or spread it with some homemade marmalade that a lovely lady from my Slimming World group gave me.

Whatever I choose, I know I’m going to enjoy it!

homemade wholemeal bread

The girls and their cake pops

Kaycee got a cake pop making kit for Christmas but due to moving house in January, it was packed away and forgotten about for a while.

When she saw it the other day she got all excited again and asked if we could make some so I bought sprinkles and chocolate and away they went!

They’ve made sponge cake mix so often that I don’t need to supervise until it’s time to put them in the oven so I left them to it and carried on sorting boxes for the loft.

The cake pop mold worked really well. I’m not sure why that surprised me but it did! We didn’t have much luck with making the sticks stay put in the cake though when it came time to dip in the chocolate. We did as was suggested by another blog and dipped the sticks in melted chocolate before pushing into the cake and we put them in the fridge but I reckon we were a little impatient and didn’t leave them in long enough!
Anyway, it was messy but we finally got all 40 cake pops covered in chocolate…some in orange flavoured aero and some in toblerone then dipped them in the sprinkles.

The girls loved making them and have asked if we can make more soon. I will let them but I have to admit to not wanting them to make any this week because I’m trying to have a really good week diet wise and seeing those staring at me every time I open the fridge has been a nightmare this week!
I get weighed at Slimming World later and I’m not holding out much hope for a loss after not being able to resist one or two, or three of these as well as a takeaway on Sunday night!


Baking fun

The girls and I made some cakes today (we cheated with packet cake mixes but it was still fun!) and we thought we’d share the photos with you 🙂










Ella has developed a love of cooking and baking and now wants to be on Masterchef when she’s older 🙂

Baking Cookies

We’re not having much luck with our activities so far; yesterday the fairy house didn’t go to plan and today I forgot that I had used all the eggs for Jake’s cake last week so we didn’t have any for our cookie recipe.
I’m not sharing the recipe because it didn’t work out as cookies but we’ll keep trying and share the one we think is perfect!

We’d already measured the dry ingredients because we were testing a ‘gifts in a jar’ recipe so we had to try it without the eggs.

It didn’t really work and we ended up with a flapjack type thingy instead of cookies; it was delicious with ice cream though so no one complained!

While it was cooking, we went into the wonderful sunshine, just in case it’s the only bit of summer we see this year!



92 / 365 Ella makes dessert

Today’s 365 photo

Ella wanted to make strawberry cake after KayCee made her lemon cake the other day. We were planning on making a Victoria sponge with strawberries and cream in the middle but Ella wanted to make small cakes so we decided to make mini ones instead.
For some reason, the silicone cupcake trays we use didn’t let the cakes out in one piece today so we improvised and made a lovely dessert by putting all the broken cake pieces in the bottom of a glass dish, spooning over cream and sliced strawberries then topping it off with the tops of the cakes.
Everyone really enjoyed it and Ella was grinning from ear to ear when we all thanked her for a wonderful pudding after dinner 🙂