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August photo challenge

Photo Challenge – August 24th to 30th

24th – All the new school clothes arrived from Tesco. I now have to iron in all the labels (never again will I be buying sew in labels!) and get them all organised and put away.
25th – We took Jamie and Damien (the grandchildren) to Whisby Nature Reserve and Daisy Made Ice Cream along with their dad, Jason and his girlfriend Gemma. We had a lovely afternoon and you can see the rest of the photos here 🙂
26th – I bought this Lantana a few weeks ago and a couple of days later all the petals had fallen off the flowers. I figured I’d bought it at the end of it’s flowering season but after being flowerless for a few weeks, it started blooming again 🙂
27th – We had the boys again on Tuesday while Jason went for a job interview. We took them to Hartsholme Park and you can find more photos here 🙂
28th – The girls sowed some seeds in the pots they bought me for my birthday. We forgot to label them so now we have no idea what they are but we’re very happy to see some growth!
29th – Last year my father-in-law bought me an orchid for my birthday. It flowers for months at a time and when it had finished flowering I cut it back as per instructions on you tube. It grew a new stalk earlier this year with new flower buds; Ant, trying to be helpful, tried to clip it onto the wooden support and ended up snapping it off.
I was really upset because I thought that was it for this year but instead of not flowering, it started growing 3 new stalks and now has open flowers and loads of buds waiting to open 🙂
30th – I have a bit of an obsession with the toastie machine at the moment! It’s been in the cupboard for years, forgotten about until Kaycee saw it and asked for a magic sandwich. Since then it’s been used everyday! My favourite filling at the moment is cheese, ham and salsa. It’s delicious!


Photo Challenge – August 16th to 23rd

17th – I used the plants I’d been sent for review and made two of these displays in some stone pots I had. I love them 🙂
18th – Kaycee’s started wearing an eye mask to bed that she got in a gift set. She keeps complaining that it’s not worth wearing it because it falls off in the middle in the night!
19th – Kaycee, Ella and I went to the park with some friends and they had a picnic lunch. It was nice to get out of the house for a while. The girls enjoyed playing with their friend and I enjoyed having a natter with her mum 🙂
20th – Settling down for a story after bath time 🙂
21st – I got my 7 stone award at Slimming World today 😀 I updated my other blog with my before and current photos if you’d like to take a look
22nd – Ella made the dessert today, it was flapjack, banana, ice cream and chocolate sauce and it was delicious. Kaycee had made dinner for us which was also yummy (I helped with the hot oven). She made chicken pizza which had the chicken as the base and a topping of tomato sauce, mushrooms, sweetcorn and cheese. I’m going to get her to make it again because we really enjoyed it 🙂
23rd – The kids have gone to Aiden’s dad’s for the week so I made a lovely meal for Ant and I. We had mashed potatoes and steak served with tomatoes and mushrooms roasted in garlic, balsamic vinegar, basil and thyme. For the sauce, I fried some onions and mushrooms, added a little stock then put it in the pan that I’d cooked the tomatoes in so all the balsamic and garlic mingled with the onions and mushrooms.
It would have been syn free but I decided to add some butter to the mash. It was well worth the 4 syns!

Photo challenge – August 10th to 16th

10th – Ella’s got another wobbly tooth and is starting to get fed up with it and wanting it to hurry up and fall out!
11th – We took the girls to Belper River Gardens in Derbyshire so they could celebrate their birthdays with my side of the family. We had 9 children in total (6 nieces and nephews as well as Kaycee, Ella and Aiden) and it was a really lovely afternoon 🙂
12th – Ella’s tooth finally fell out! Unfortunately, she lost her tooth before bedtime and was very upset. The tooth fairy took pity on her though and left her a little note that said, ‘Dear Ella, please don’t worry about losing your tooth, just leave it for me when you find it. I’ve left you some money any way because I know how well you look after your teeth. Love the Tooth Fairy xx
P.S. I like your butterfly paper.’ (She’d borrowed a piece of our butterfly notepaper to write her letter!)
Ella was very excited when she read the note 🙂
13th – Here’s daddy having a bit of fun at the dinner table. He turned the napkin holder upside down and balanced a jar of chocolate spread, a bottle of brown sauce, a bottle of tomato Worcester sauce and the salt pot on top of each other. The kids thought it was hilarious!
14th – I’ve been re-organising the whole house this week and it took me 2 days to do the girls room. I told Kaycee to clear off her bed because she’s on the top bunk and I couldn’t reach properly. I was astounded by the amount of stuff she had on there and I’ll be doing a post in the next couple of days that will show exactly what she was sharing her bed with and I’m sure you’ll be as amazed as I was that she could even fit in there!
15th – Excitement city as my S.W.H. (super wonderful husband) would say! I’ve been asked to review a gardening website and they sent me these plants so I could make up some containers for winter colour. I’m so excited and can’t wait to get them planted up. They want me to be a regular reviewer and I’ll be very happy to oblige, especially as all the plants have arrived in the best condition I’ve ever had when buying plants through the post 🙂
16th – Ella found a vampire cape that hadn’t been taken out of the packet since we bought it last Halloween. She’s been pretending to be a vampire all morning and kept scowling at me!

Photo challenge – August 3rd to 9th

3rd – I bought the girls a Moshi Monsters tent as a joint birthday present. They love filling it with their duvets and pillows and pretending it’s their house!
4th & 6th – I was confused when I got very tall yellow lilies because I remembered small white ones and pink ones but not yellow ones. This week the small pink ones opened then a couple of days later the white ones opened! I reckon that this year must be the first year the yellow bulbs grew 🙂
5th – Ella’s second front tooth is very wobbly and she keeps eating apples and pears trying to make it fall out!
7th – Sisterly hugs…..makes a change from the constant arguing and bickering that’s been taking place the past week or so!
8th – Ella’s 6th birthday finally arrived. She’s been wishing all week that she was born before Kaycee so she could have her birthday first! Here she is modelling some hair braids Kaycee bought her for her birthday 🙂
9th – 2 photos for today because the girls each made themselves a birthday cake for when we have a birthday picnic on Sunday. We’re going to Derbyshire for the afternoon so that the girls can celebrate with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins from my side of the family 🙂


Photo Challenge – July 27th to August 2nd

27th – Kaycee and Ella’s summer house at Nanny’s is nearly done and this is the section we’ve done for them to plant flowers in. I have to fill it with soil and compost then put weed matting down and cover it with stones to help keep the weeds down.
We have to get plants that thrive in a woodland garden so we need to research shade loving plants before they can start planting.
28th – Ant and I went out for lunch on Sunday with his sister, her husband and her dad. I had apple fritters and ice cream for dessert and it was delicious 🙂
29th – The lilies opened….yay!!!!
30th – I called in at a local shop with Ant and found one of my favourite plants for just £1.99. I prefer the pink lantanas but I’m happy with a yellow one 🙂
31st – We have a waterfall on the back garden and recently we’ve been having trouble with the pump. I left the cover off the bucket of water that’s buried in the ground for the pump and later that day we found a frog in the bucket!
I rescued him (or her!) with a fishing net because it was a steep bucket and he/she wouldn’t have been able to get out but later that day he/she had jumped back in!
1st – Ella made this cake for Kaycee’s birthday tomorrow. We had it early because both girls are off to their sisters tomorrow afternoon to stay for the weekend. It was delicious and I fear I’ve eaten too much to get my 2.5lb loss that I was aiming for on weigh in day next week!
2nd – Happy birthday to my gorgeous, wonderful 8 year old Kaycee 🙂 She was super excited when she woke up! She’s going to be spoilt rotten over the weekend at her sister’s then again next week when she has a joint birthday party at Hubbard’s Hill 🙂


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