Goodbye lovely lady


Goodbye lovely lady

My heart is hurting today because I have to say, goodbye lovely lady.

A wonderfully lovely lady, who I’ve never met in person but who has been a special friend to me since 2002 lost her battle with cancer today.
I knew the end was close but it doesn’t stop the hurt.
My thoughts today are with Amy’s children and the husband she adored.

Back in 2002 I got my first computer and found the wonder that is the Internet, I also discovered a love of making sigtags (signature tags to sign off your post in MSN groups and other forums) and joined an MSN group called Robbie’s Creative Retreat.

I not only found a new hobby, I found some special friends who have been there to share the highs and lows of our lives for the last 12 years.

When MSN closed the groups, we found each other again not long after on Facebook and have been firm friends ever since.

Amy made the above sigtag for me in 2004. I found it in a folder with hundreds of other sigtags that members made me while I was in the group and I found myself taking a stroll down memory lane and feeling thankful for that time in my life that brought me so many lovely friends.

She loved fairies and I was so happy that the first one I found made by Amy was a fairy. It’s very fitting and a perfect way for me to say:

Thank you, my friend, for being there for me and for being you