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Advent Calendar Activities – Planning Ahead For Christmas

Kaycee and Ella love our activity advent and they’ve already been requesting activities to be added this year! With this in mind, I’ve been looking for new ideas and came up with a list of 80 activities that I can pick from each year. I’m sharing it with you today so you can be prepared when Advent starts 🙂

80 Advent Calendar Activities For Kids

Act out a Christmas play
Decorate the Christmas cake
Make Christmas cards
Write and deliver the Christmas cards
Use Christmas cookie cutters with playdough
Make Christmas shrinky dinks
Make paper snowflakes
Have a Christmas party
Colour in some Christmas pictures
Make a winter scene picture using items collected from nature
Make paper chains
Collect pinecones and decorate them with glitter glue


Read the Nativity story
Make salt dough ornaments
String popcorn and hang it out for the birds
Make a bird feeder
Make peppermint creams
Make Christmas cookies
Watch a Christmas movie
Make reindeer food
Read a Christmas story
Write a Christmas story
Walk around your neighbourhood at night to see the  Christmas lights
Decorate the Christmas tree
Make mince pies
Make mulled wine
Kiss under the mistletoe
Go to a carol service
Make hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows
Hang a wreath
Make a gingerbread house
Make edible gifts

edible gifts - caramel sauce in a jar with a candy cane for decoration

Dip candy canes in hot chocolate
Write a Christmas wish and hang it on the Christmas tree
Visit Father Christmas
Wrap gifts
Go ice skating
Eat dinner by candlelight
Read a Christmas bedtime story by candlelight
Make marshmallow snowmen
Sing Christmas songs
Make a Christingle
Visit a Christmas market

Christmas market

Make gingerbread men
Have a family games night
Have a North Pole breakfast
Make snowman pancakes
Write and post your letter to Father Christmas
Picnic in front of the Christmas tree
Have a Christmas tea party
Put your PJs on and watch the Polar Express
Make teacher gifts
Pick out a Christmas tree
Go for a drive to see the Christmas lights
Tell Christmas jokes
Have a red and green dinner
Set up a Nativity scene
Do a Christmas puzzle
Go Christmas shopping
Make glitter playdough
Visit the elderly and take treats
Go Christmas carolling
Hang mistletoe and get a kiss
Have breakfast for dinner
Play Christmas bingo
Make Christmas tags
Have an ice cream sundae
Make Christmas fudge
Have a snowball fight
Build a snowman

build a snowman

Christmas scavenger hunt
Make Christmas fairy cakes
Watch Elf then answer the trivia questions
Go on a sleigh ride
Make a Christmas dessert
Go to your town’s Christmas lights switch on
Go sledding
Paint rocks with Christmas greetings on and leave them out in public for other people to find
Donate food to a food bank
Sort out your toys and donate some to a charity shop

Nearly advent and we’re getting excited!


Wrapping Christmas books for our storybook advent was how I spent my afternoon and I’m getting very excited now! We’ve got quite a selection of books now and it was hard to choose from them all.

Storybook advent

We started doing the storybooks in 2014 and the girls look forward to it now. The pile of wrapped books are on the patio and Ella got really excited when she saw them. She said she can’t wait till Thursday to open the book, the chocolate calendar, the activity calendar and the new wooden drawer one we bought last year 🙂

chocolate advent

I’ve written the activities for the pocket Santa advent, in some little handcrafted gift tags.

activity advent
I can’t tell you what I’m putting in the wooden drawers one because Kaycee reads my blog now and I don’t want to spoil it for her!

What I’m most looking forward to is my Yankee Candle advent that I treated myself to in January this year! It was on sale at Amazon and I can’t wait to open number 1 🙂

Yankee Candle advent

2 more days to go 🙂


North Pole Breakfast

I totally forgot to post the photos from our North Pole Breakfast. The girls love NPB day and I try and do it on different days each year on the activity advent so it’s always a surprise 🙂

North Pole Breakfast

Kaycee enjoying her North Pole breakfast
Kaycee enjoying her breakfast


Pop tarts, shortbread, hot chocolate and marshmallows
We had Pop Tarts, star-shaped shortbreads, Olaf cupcakes, marshmallows, mini Christmas chocolates and hot chocolate.


Marshmallows and shortbread Christmas shapes
We love the snowman shaped marshmallows!


Shortbread Christmas shapes and Disney's Frozen cakes
Shaped shortbread and Olaf cupcakes


Pop tarts and Santa chocolates on a Rudolph plate
Pop Tarts and chocolates


Ella enjoying her North Pole Breakfast
Ella enjoying her breakfast

I think this will be a tradition that lasts long into adulthood as even Aiden and I look forward to NPB each year!

Some of our advent activities

The girls are really enjoying the advent activities although we are a little behind with a couple of them! We haven’t made paper lanterns or written a Christmas wish to hang on the tree yet. We didn’t get to make our cinnamon ornaments today as the girls were busy playing together really nicely all day and I didn’t want to interrupt because it doesn’t happen very often!

Some Of Our Advent Activities

Kaycee, Ella and daddy having a picnic by the Christmas tree
Ella, KayCee and Daddy having a picnic by the Christmas tree. I think Daddy is trying to pinch KayCee’s sandwich!


Christmas movie Elf on TV
Pj day and watch Christmas movies. One our favourites is Elf 🙂



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