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11th birthday

Ella’s 11th Birthday Party – Happy Birthday Beautiful

It’s Ella’s 11th birthday today 🙂

Ella on her 11th birthday

Ella’s 11th birthday Pool Party & BBQ

Today she had some friends round for a pool party and BBQ. They all had a great time and were phoning their parents when it was getting towards the end of the party, to see if they could stay longer!

unicorn floaties in the pool

Ella's 11th birthday pool party

They also had a hair and beauty station. Ella’s friend, Amelia did different hairstyles for everyone and covered their hair in hair mascara and glitter! The whole place was covered in glitter and unicorns.

glaitter hair

glittery hair

Birthday Cake

KayCee made Ella’ cake for her. She did a magnificent job, everyone thought it was wonderful 🙂

Ella's birthday cake made by KayCee

unicorn cake

Selfie Fun

They had fun taking selfies!

ella selfie

Ella and Amelia selfies

Ella's 11th birthday - Ella and Ruby selfies

Happy birthday beautiful girl; glad you enjoyed your party. Love you xx

Birthday girl – Happy birthday, beautiful.

Birthday girl

birthday girl

11th birthday, already!

Time flies.

Far too fast.

Our little baby is now 11 years old and getting herself ready for secondary school. It doesn’t seem possible that this time has come around so soon.

She’s off on holiday with family this week while we get new flooring down in the kitchen. We’re not going to see her until Saturday but we saw her yesterday and we gave her her presents a day early.

We’re so proud of the brilliant young lady she’s becoming and even though we want to stop time to stop her getting any older, we also can’t wait to see her turn into the wonderful woman we know she’s going to be.

It’s a new chapter for you, darling Kaycee. I know it’s scary. I remember it well, but I also know you’re strong and ready to face these new challenges.
Dad and I think you’re going to LOVE secondary school once you’ve got yourself settled and we’re excited to see how well you’re going to do.

Kaycee 11th birthday. Birthday girl


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