Adding A Personal Touch To The Customer Experience Will Set Your Business Apart

Being personal is the key to a customer’s heart. When you’re able to talk to them on the same level, they’re going to give that same energy back to you. After all, you’re using empathy and understanding to get to the heart of their problem – what’s not to like? So why not add a personal touch to your customer interactions, both in person and across social media, and throughout your marketing materials? Here are three easy methods to get started with. 

A smiling florist is serving a happy customer - add a personal touch to keep customers coming back
Photo by Amina Filkins

Use Their Name

Psychology tells us that using someone’s name helps us get closer to them. If your customer has shared this detail with you, be sure to use it in your customer service interactions and your marketing materials. 

Email newsletters, for example, are a prime place for using the addressee’s name. You can write it into the subject line as a highlight, but be sure to use it throughout the body of text as well. In fact, the more you use it, the better your overall message is going to be remembered

Similarly, the more you speak to them on this personal level with emails like these, the more your message will seem like it’s just for them. That’s the best thing about using names; it’s a bit like a friend is contacting them, and that’s a great look for the modern small business. 

Customise Packaging 

If you have to pack and ship orders personally, why not let that carry through to the customer as well? Even if you’ve got a small team to help out, you can make a customer feel appreciated in this way.

Indeed, packaging can be made very personal with just a few simple additions. Firstly, include your brand logo and message on the address label. Then print out 3d stickers with your business logo on them and use them to seal an envelope with a handwritten thank you note inside. 

You can also think about including a free sample of an upcoming product for people who have shopped more than once with you. Really, packaging is one of the best elements for personalisation, especially if each customer gets something slightly unique from you. 

Offer a Birthday Discount

Personalised discounts are one of the best offers you can send through to a customer. They know it’s exclusive, they know it was made with them in mind, and they’re going to be much more likely to use it. 

In this manner, a birthday discount is one of the best-personalised offers to give out. Again, it helps your business to come across in a friendly way – you remembered their birthday and got them a gift! That’s something that keeps you on their mind on a day when they feel rather sentimental, which can make the offer stick out even more. 

Adding a personal touch to the customer experience will always make you a winner. If you’re worried about losing out on profit, beat out the competition using an impressive tactic like this.