Is a Thesis Required for a Bachelor’s Degree?

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When you are finishing your degree you may be interested in whether you will need to write a thesis or not. You may have heard your professor talking about the final projects but may not get their idea correctly. It is also possible that you already received the notification that you will need to write a thesis but you think you can refuse to write it. If it is your case, the answer is no. If your program requires a thesis, you will need to write it under any conditions. 

Indeed, some programs do not require students to write a thesis as they offer different types of final projects. However, if you are on the list of the students who do need to submit their thesis to graduate you should not get desperate that quickly. There are many ways to complete this task successfully and with minimum effort.

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What is Bachelor Thesis

A Bachelor’s thesis is also called an undergraduate thesis. Although this type of thesis is less extensive than a master’s or Ph.D. it is still a significant portion of work. The students need to pass through a long writing process, which starts with cooperation with the professor and choosing the topic. Then, the students need to decide on their hypothesis question and write a thesis proposal, which should be approved by the professor. Only, after this preparation the student can move to work on the thesis.

Structure and Content of Thesis for Bachelor Degree

Although each institution provides unique requirements regarding final papers and thesis, there are general requirements, which can be applied to any paper. Therefore, we will share them with you:

  • Length: compared to other graduate theses, a bachelor’s thesis is one of the shortest. Compared to a thesis with 300 pages, a bachelor’s thesis consists of up to 50 pages, which is not such a big scope. The professor will likely tell you the necessary number of pages. Additionally, you should know that reference and title pages are not included in the page count because only the main content counts in the number of pages. On this website, you can look at the common length of different types of theses.
  • Structure: all the theses have a similar structure, which consists of a title page, abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, and references. Most often, all the typical parts of the thesis should be included. However, the structure may also depend on the formatting style such as APA or MLA, which demand specific title and reference pages as well as in-text citations.
  • Content: all these should have clear research questions and hypotheses. The introductory parts should address the aim of your research and what you will investigate in it. The context necessarily included a literature review search for the relevant books and scholarly articles with theory that relates to your topic. Your paper should also necessarily include your own research with a methodology as well as an explanation of the findings.

All of these aspects contribute to the overall structure of your graduation thesis. That is why you need to conduct thorough research before proceeding to writing it. We advise you to look through this article if you’re going to write a thesis.

Bachelor Degree Thesis Difficulties

Although a bachelor’s thesis is not as long as a PhD, it also makes students puzzled. Hats will tell you about the difficulties you may face when writing your bachelor thesis: 

  1. You need to follow the structure and make sure that each of the sections includes the appropriate information. For example, different sections such as literature review or discussion should include specific content.
  2. You should stick to a single formatting style and make sure that you use all the references correctly.
  3. You need to proofread your paper a few times and make sure that your paper does not contain any type of mistakes.
  4. Your paper should be completely original with almost 0% of plagiarism.

These are only the most basic difficulties you may face when writing a bachelor’s thesis. You will potentially face many more hardships, which can be referred to as formatting, grammar, or content.

Thesis Writing Company

In this article, we have told you about the difficulties and the common requirements for the thesis. After reading this you may feel burdened and already be anxious about completing this extensive task. However, we have great advice for you, namely to use the services of a professional writing company. Such companies offer students comprehensive assistance with a thesis. First of all, you can order a thesis from scratch which will include editing and proofreading services. Secondly, you can only order editing or proofreading services if you have a draft that should be improved. It means that you can write your paper and then ask the professional writers to make improvements in grammar format or structure. Besides, you can also ask the writer to work on a particular section of the paper, which means you should not necessarily need to order the whole thesis to be done.