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19th February 2024

Bifold vs. Sliding Shower Door – How to Choose the Perfect One?

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Shower doors are crucial components of any enclosure installation, including the transformation of alcove space into a shower area. These offer various benefits like protection from cold air and the perception of the spaciousness of a larger bathroom area. 

However, selecting the right shower enclosure door is essential, given the variety available in the market, such as sliding, pivot, and bifold options. While one door may complement a quadrant enclosure, it may not be suitable for square or rectangular shapes. 

The ideal choice depends on personal preference, available space, and the type of enclosure selected. When faced with multiple options, understanding the pros and cons becomes essential in making an informed decision. 

In this blog, we will compare bifold and sliding shower doors to help you determine the best fit for your bathroom. 

Bifold Shower Doors

Bifold shower doors are a popular choice for modern bathrooms due to their space-saving design and ease of use. These doors consist of two or more panels that fold in themselves when opening/closing rather than swinging outward like traditional hinged doors. 

Bifold shower doors typically consist of two panels hinged together! 

Some models may have more panels depending on the size and design of the shower enclosure. They are mounted on a track system that is installed at the top and bottom of the shower opening. The panels are connected through hinges that allow them to fold inward. 

Users simply need to pull the panel away from the shower opening to open it. As the panel moves outwards, the hinges allow the inner panels to fold inwards along the track system. Such folding action creates an accordion-like effect.

Bifold Shower Door Advantages 

These doors come with certain features that make them a worthy choice for British homeowners seeking a smart choice for the enclosure. Let’s look at some of the positive aspects that bifold shower doors offer: 

  • Space-saving: Bifold shower doors fold inwards, which makes them ideal for bathrooms with limited space. They take up less floor space compared to swinging doors.
  • Aesthetically pleasing:  These doors often feature sleek and modern designs that can enhance the overall look of your bathroom.
  • Accessibility: You can typically enjoy a wider opening compared to sliding doors, making them more accessible for individuals with mobility concerns.
  • Versatility: Bifold doors are available in various sizes and configurations, allowing for customization to fit your specific shower enclosure.


Since you’re seeking a perfect option that goes with your needs, it is important to look at some of the downsides, too. Let’s discuss some of the key disadvantages that you may encounter while installing a bifold shower door: 

  • Limited access: While bifold doors offer wider openings than sliding doors, they may still restrict access to the shower compared to swinging doors.
  • Maintenance: Bifold doors have more moving parts than sliding doors, which may require more maintenance over time.
  • Potential leaks: The folding mechanism of bifold doors can create gaps where water may escape, potentially leading to leaks if not properly sealed.

When to Use Bifold Shower Doors

There are multiple occasions when using a bifold shower door can prove a wise decision. To make it even simpler, here’s a table outlining situations where choosing a bifold shower enclosure door might be preferable:

Limited Bathroom SpaceBifold doors save space due to their folding design.
Narrow Shower EnclosuresThey fit well in narrow shower spaces where swinging doors might not fit.
Multiple Panel ConfigurationsBifold doors accommodate wider openings or custom configurations.
Enhanced Water ContainmentTheir folding design helps to contain water better compared to sliding doors.
Traditional or Classic AestheticsBifold doors complement traditional or classic bathroom designs.
Easy Maintenance and CleaningThey have fewer parts, making them easier to clean and maintain.

Sliding Shower Doors

Let’s discuss another great alternative to bifold doors, the sliding shower enclosure doors –  also known as bypass shower doors. 

This is another popular option for enclosing the shower space!

Unlike bifold shower doors, sliding shower doors consist of two or more panels that glide horizontally along tracks, typically mounted at the top and bottom of shower openings. 

Sliding shower doors in the UK  often feature two glass panels, with one panel fixed in place and the other panel able to slide horizontally. There are models with multiple sliding panels also available on the market. 

These doors operate on a track system installed both on top and bottom of the shower opening. Each sliding panel is fitted with rollers or wheels that glide along the tracks. 

Users will need to push or pull the exterior side panel horizontally along the track to open the door. 

Sliding Shower Door Advantages

Before you make any final decision, let’s talk about why these doors are getting popular with UK homeowners. Here are some key advantages that make sliding shower doors an ideal choice for your enclosure: 

  • Seamless access: Sliding shower doors provide a wide opening for easy access to the shower, making them suitable for larger bathrooms.
  • Minimal maintenance: These shower doors usually have fewer moving parts in comparison to bifold doors. That means the need for regular maintenance will be reduced. 
  • Enhanced sealing: There will be less risk of water leakage out of the shower area as these doors typically feature seals along the edges to prevent water from leaking out of the shower enclosure.
  • Contemporary look: Sliding doors offer a modern and minimalist aesthetic that can complement various bathroom styles.


  • Space requirements: You will need extra clearance along the length of the shower enclosure for the sliding door to slide open and close. That makes it less space-saving, not suitable for limited spaces. 
  • Accessibility: Sliding doors may not be as accessible for individuals with mobility issues, as they require sliding along a track to open and close.

When to Use Sliding Shower Doors 

If you’re contemplating choosing between bifold and sliding shower doors, let’s discuss when you should consider the lateral option. Here, we have created a table explaining the various situations where a sliding shower door should be a preferable option. 

Limited Bathroom SpaceThese doors are perfect for bathrooms having limited spaces since they don’t require a clear area to swing when you open/close them. 
Contemporary DesignThey offer sleek and minimalist designs, suitable for modern bathroom aesthetics.
Long Shower EnclosuresSliding doors work well for longer shower enclosures where a single large panel can glide smoothly.
Ease of AccessibilityThey’re easy to operate, making them suitable for individuals with mobility issues.
Minimalist CleaningSliding doors typically have fewer crevices, making them easier to clean and maintain.

Choosing the Perfect Fit 

You will need to consider various factors when deciding between a bifold and a sliding shower door. These include the size of your bathroom, accessibility needs, maintenance preference, and aesthetic appeal. If space is limited and accessibility is a priority, a bifold door may be the better option. However, if you have a larger bathroom and prioritise seamless access and minimal maintenance, a sliding door may be more suitable.

I found Royal Bathroom’s extensive shower door range quite impressive while searching for my new doors. Give them a try and see if you can find a perfect shower door matching your requirements. 

Final Thoughts

Both bifold and sliding shower doors offer unique advantages and disadvantages. By understanding their differences and considering your specific requirements, you can choose the perfect fit for your bathroom renovation project. 

Whether you opt for the space-saving design of a bifold door or the seamless functionality of a sliding door, your choice is sure to enhance the overall look and functionality of your bathroom space.

Discover the new role of shapewear in 2024!

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Fashion is always evolving, and we have seen how much it has evolved over centuries. But if there’s a garment that has also evolved over the years, it’s shapewear. It has evolved from being an uncomfortable and restrictive garment, which probably caused many health problems in the past, to a garment that isn’t only comfortable but will enhance the natural curves of the body and boost the confidence of the person wearing it.

The importance of comfort

With every passing year, as humans, we keep looking for more and more comfort, as it is a way to enjoy some feeling of peace, freedom, or slow pace, especially after living such hectic, fast lives. In so many cases, people choose to wear loungewear to run errands, stay at home, etc. Because it provides comfort and that nice feeling.

Comfort has become crucial when it comes wholesale shapewear. These garments have definitively had a huge evolution, as they are now made with comfort in mind and also with materials that will provide ease of movement as well as breathability and other properties.

This year, 2024, we will continue seeing shapewear evolve and still focus on the comfort of the wearer, as brands and companies want to leave behind the old and outdated image that people have about it.

woman wearing a grey

Personalized Solutions

In the past, shapewear was usually offered in a few sizes, usually for slimmer body types and only worn on special occasions. Nowadays, brands are offering shaping solutions to a wide range of body types and offering their products in inclusive sizes. They have finally realized that everybody is unique and everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of shapewear, no matter how they look.

Also in 2024, the importance of choosing shapewear that aligns with your specific shaping goals is increasing and many more brands are offering shapewear products that target different parts of the body and also that have pieces that will allow you to customize the fit of your shapewear.

woman wearing a purple shapewear outfit

Pieces for every occasion

Long gone are the days when shapewear was only meant to be worn under a dress for special occasions. While yes, people still wear their favorite shapewear during these occasions, now they have become a must-have for everyday wardrobes. They have become daily essentials for sure. There has been such an evolution that we get to welcome a new arrival shapewear category called shapewear outerwear. These pieces are your normal day clothes that provide shaping, without having to wear shapewear under your outfit. Your outfit is your shapewear or your shapewear is your outfit.

You get to enjoy bodysuits that look like amazing tops, dresses, and leggings, amongst other pieces that will make you look your best without having to layer your outfit with extra shapewear. Definitively brands are offering options for every style, need, and preference and we are here to enjoy them.

woman wearing grey shapewear

Body positivity

While many people might think that shapewear in no way can help with body positivity it does. It helps by enhancing the natural curves of the body and showing you how amazing your body is. Yes, it might hide some bumps and lumps, but it enhances the rest of your body.

If you learn to love your body, without having to change it dramatically or drastically, you are loving yourself just the way you are. And it’s important to be reminded that it is ok to not be fully happy with how you look and want to make some changes. Nobody is 100% happy with their appearance and it is ok.

You can always use shapewear as a way to see how amazing your body is and how amazing you look. Besides, brands that offer inclusive sizes in shapewear are giving a platform to this amazing movement too.

Does shapewear boost confidence?

It’s undeniable that more and more people are using shapewear not only for special occasions, like in the past, but are adding it to their daily outfits as they have become a tool that helps people feel better when they are going about their days, no matter what they decide to wear.

They help boost the confidence of the person that’s wearing the shapewear. These garments enhance the natural curves of the body and also hide lumps and bumps as they target different parts of the body.

This confidence boost helps change the mood during the day and have a different look of the wearer and their body and figure and helps with better self-esteem. It is definitively a transformative effect.

Functionality and style

With shapewear especially modern shapewear, you won’t have to sacrifice style to get the functionality you are looking for. Now we won’t only see shapewear in neutral colors, but a wide range of colors and even patterns. Now there are many different styles that not only are trendy but comfortable and will get you the shaping effect you are looking for. Brands know the importance that functionality needs to have but also that they are stylish, to the point that they have become wardrobe staples.

Waistdear and its role

Waistdear has become one of the leading online stores, manufacturers, and wholesalers in China with over 12 years of experience. They offer sustainable shapewear pieces, which is one of the ways shapewear has kept evolving. They always come up with new styles and pieces that have many technological advances and the use of different materials that ensure the high quality and comfort of their products.

woman wearing a waistdear item of clothing

Definitively in 2024 shapewear will keep evolving and it will still keep getting more and more popular as many people will keep using it as a tool to express themselves, feel more comfortable, and get a big confidence boost. Learn to love your body, enhance your curves, and feel great with everything you wear.

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