5 Kitchen Trends for 2024

kitchen trends - green walls
Image by Anna Lisa from Pixabay
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There’s never a bad time for a kitchen refresh. If you want to change things up a bit or you’re redoing a property so that you can sell it, you may want to draw inspiration from upcoming kitchen trends. When you’re done, the kitchen will be a contemporary, smart space that you’ll love to spend time in.

Gold finishes

kitchen trends - gold finishes
Image by Людмила from Pixabay

Homeware with gold-coloured finishes is likely to see a spike in popularity in 2024. If your kitchen has a neutral theme, finishing it off with gold taps, accessories and even utensils is the ideal finishing touch.

When it comes to taps, the gold colour serves a practical purpose as well. Any smudges don’t show up as easily as they would on traditional silver-coloured stainless steel.  

Green, natural colours

green kitchen cabinets
Image by mxamed1835 from Pixabay

Green is enjoying a huge moment right now and it seems like that’s not going anywhere. Over the past few years, there has been a “pandemic effect” in the world of interior design – and it’s all about green! We now love décor that reminds us of nature.

Green looks great in kitchens. Why not try redecorating with a playful mint green or an earthy forest tone?

If you have a rustic kitchen with wooden countertops, repainting the countertops could be just what you need to reinvent your space.

If you don’t want to commit to all-green cabinets, you could always get a new luxury fitted kitchen with a green backsplash. It’s the perfect way to add a small splash of colour to an otherwise neutral colour scheme.

Herringbone design

herringbone backsplash
Image by L2M1507 from Pixabay

The herringbone style has had a lot more love recently and it seems set to continue in the same vein for 2024. Traditional herringbone flooring was wooden, but there are a lot more options on the market now. Vinyl and laminate are also easy to find, and they wipe clean easily so could be the perfect choice for your kitchen.

The herringbone now extends beyond flooring; a tiled backsplash in this pattern looks sleek and modern in any home!

Backsplash blending

blended marble backsplash
Image by jennilauri from Pixabay

Backsplashes with blended textures are likely to be all the rage in the kitchens of 2024. Backsplashes made from marble, quartz or granite may be popular.

Though they generally have a higher price tag, these materials look fabulous, have high durability and wipe clean easily.

If your kitchen needs a refresh, why not take inspiration from the kitchen trends that people will be loving in 2024?