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31st October 2023

First-Time Driver: How To Help Your Teenager Feel Confident Behind The Wheel

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Learning how to drive can be a daunting task for your teenager, so offering your support can help boost their confidence and give them a better chance of passing their test.

Young car drivers aged between 17 and 24 are statistically more likely to be involved a road accident so safety is the main concern when driving. As a parent or guardian, your input goes a long way to making sure they are ready to be out on the road.

Here is everything you need to know about supporting your youngster as a first-time driver and how you can assist them in getting comfortable when driving:


The old adage goes that practice makes perfect and it couldn’t be more true. Giving your child the option to practice in a safe environment does wonders for their confidence behind the wheel. It also allows them to develop the techniques that they learned outside of their lessons. Getting comfortable on the road is key to soothing any road anxiety and getting familiar with real-life driving scenarios.

Many teens have a story or two about doing stressful driving practice with their parents. To avoid this with your own teenager, planning out a route you’re familiar with and giving clear instructions in good time will help things go smoother. It’s important to make your son or daughter feel at ease and keep a patient demeanour instead of raising your voice or getting stressed.


The theory part of learning to drive is just as important as the practical, but can be more stressful for some. For learner car drivers between April 2022 and March 2023, the pass rate for driving theory was just 44.2 per cent. In order to give your child the best chance of passing the first time, help them prepare with lots of revision and support.

You can test them with practice questions using one of the many helpful theory test apps available or the DVSA theory test book. Also, pointing out road signs and what they mean when out and about can help them get familiar with road safety.


If you’ve been driving for a while, you’re probably used to all the car admin and paperwork that needs to be done. This is unlikely to be the case with your teenager and it is likely to be very overwhelming for them.

Taking the time to sit down with them to get a car insurance quote for new drivers, and sort out road tax and VC5s can help lessen the stress and help them find the right option for them.

Encourage Safety  

Learning how to drive is an exciting time and it’s tempting for your teen to go on road trips and drive friends around when they’ve passed their test.

While it’s important for them to enjoy their newfound freedom, you should instil good safety practices when on the road, especially with other people in the car. Encourage them to hold off on long journeys until they’ve had plenty of experience.

Eco-Friendly Suggestions for Cyber Monday Shopping!

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Going gaga over upcoming Cyber Monday Sales? Certainly, you will come across hundreds of tempting offers from a wide selection of brands including your favourite ones. You will crowd your online shopping carts with dozens of items that will most probably be a steal. But you know what? Most of those purchases will be something you don’t even need. Apart from that, those products won’t just be useless but a considerable threat to the environment you live in as well. However, you have complete control over what you spend your money on. And, we guess you’re responsible and aware enough to pick items this shopping season that ensure the betterment of the habitat we live in. So here are a bunch of eco-friendly suggestions that you can consider while investing in affordable products this discount season.

Solar Energy Devices

The electricity you use in your homes and offices is generated using coal, natural gas, and other material which in turn contributes in climate change and global warming. You can play your part in diminishing this impact on our climate by shifting to cleaner energy solutions such as solar devices. Without a doubt, solar energy devices are extremely expensive and this is exactly what makes it an amazing chance for you to buy them using Cyber Monday Offers. You can go for solar panels, solar generators, solar power chargers, and more at great prices.

Electric Bikes

Your daily commutes pose greater threat to the environment than you can ever imagine! An electric bike can definitely be an intelligent choice to reduce the harm made by you. These zero emission vehicles use batteries and emit absolutely no pollutants while in use. This year, you have an option to buy an e-bike at astounding price reductions using Online Cyber Monday Dealsand reduce your personal carbon footprints. Take a look at all the variety available at stores and buy the best ones without paying a hefty price for an exceptionally greener solution.

Organic Waste Compost Machine

You generate a lot of waste in your kitchens every single day and all of that goes into that black bin bag. How about if you could actually make an impact on your environment with that waste you throw away. An organic compost machine is a stupendous product to implement this idea. It works by taking in your kitchen waste as its input and provides you with manure as output that you can use to feed and grow healthy plants. This will not only make good use of the waste but provide your plants with optimum nutrition to grow and create a healthy environment around as well. So, go ahead and find a good quality compost machine which will most probably be available in the Cyber Monday Specials.

Recycled Fashion Articles

Ofcourse, you will be compelled to spend some money on clothes and accessories amid all those flashy and hard to resist Cyber Monday Clothing Deals. However, you can always look towards the better options in the same category. A lot of brands work responsibly now and use recycled material to manufacture the trendiest clothing items and chic accessories. A massive selection of activewear, casual attires, sneakers, and other products are made using organic cotton, recycled cotton clothing and other materials. Consider sustainability and search for these items in the storm of discounts making its way towards you!

Naturally Derived Personal Care Products

Beauty products and personal care items are another categories that are available at enormous price concessions during the sale events. You will notice that even the giants of the industry dedicate entire sections to ‘clean beauty products’. From makeup to skincare items and even sanitary products, you will come across an exciting collection of stuff that is made from naturally derived and organic ingredients. Besides that, it is a healthier alternative for you too when you switch from conventional products to those that contain zero harmful chemicals. Look into the better and healthier options for both you and your environment if you have personal care products in your Cyber Monday Wishlist this year!

Organic Coffee

As per reports, cyber Monday has seen massive sales of coffee machines every year. This year, if you’re buying those machines, pair them up with organic coffee. And, if you have no plans of buying an expensive espresso machine, the options of organic coffee still stands which is not pricey at all. It’s a basic necessity which you cannot wake up without in the morning for sure. So how about giving organic coffee a chance to both wake you up and ensure a cleaner environment. These blends are made without any use of chemicals during the production process or synthetic fertilizers during the growth. Organic coffees are grown with organic fertilizers such as chicken manure, compost, or coffee pulp. Go for them and indulge in an enriching experience at the frugal rates ever!

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