The Ultimate Guide to Writing Letters from Santa as a Mom

Santa outside in the snow looking through a window into a house
Image by Bianca Van Dijk from Pixabay

Have you ever wondered how some parents can write such magical letters from Santa for their kids? You may have thought about doing it yourself but need help figuring out where to start. As a mom, you want to create an experience for your child that sparks imagination and wonder, especially around the holidays. But writing a personalized letter in Santa’s script seems impossible between shopping, baking, and everything else on your plate.

Don’t worry, you’ve got this. With a few simple tips, you can compose a heartfelt letter from Saint Nick that will make your child’s Christmas morning. This guide will walk you through everything you need to become Santa’s secret pen pal. From gathering details about your kid’s wish list to perfecting your ho-ho-ho’s, you’ll be crafting holiday magic in no time. So grab a mug of hot cocoa, turn on some festive tunes, and get ready to channel your inner Mrs. Claus. The results will be well worth the effort when you see joy and wonder on your child’s face. Christmas is all about believing, and this year, you get to be one of the reasons why.

How to Make Your Santa Letter Writing Magical

To make this holiday tradition genuinely magical for your little ones, here are some tips:

Set the scene

Create an authentic experience using old-fashioned stationery or recycled paper for your letters. Seal them with a wax stamp or sticker before leaving them for your kids to discover. For extra realism, sprinkle some glitter or crumple the paper a bit.

Envelope sealed with wax stamp

Make it personal

Mention each child by name and include specific details to tailor the letters. Reference their Christmas list requests, accomplishments from the year, or inside jokes you share. Hearing Santa recall memories you have together will fill them with wonder.

Share your “nice list” observations.

Describe the kind acts of goodness you’ve noticed from each child over the year. Letting them know Santa sees and appreciates their positive behaviour and kind hearts will encourage them to continue being on their best behaviour.

Santa's naughty and nice list
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Express excitement for Christmas

Share how eagerly you and the elves have prepared for the big day. Build a sense of anticipation by hinting at a special surprise for each nice girl and boy. Promising Christmas cheer and holiday magic to come will make the season even more special.

Close with holiday wishes

End each letter with a heartfelt wish for peace, joy, and holiday spirit. Invite the children to leave out treats for your hardworking reindeer on Christmas Eve and to get to bed early so you can deliver presents without delay. Your sweet sentiments will help create cherished holiday memories for years to come.

Santa taking a cookie
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Crafting Personalized Letters From Santa for Each Child

As a mom, crafting personalized letters from Santa for your kids is one of the most magical parts of the holidays. To make each letter memorable:

  • Focus on your child’s interests and accomplishments over the past year. Mention a unique talent or hobby, their favourite book or movie, a skill they’ve mastered, or an experience they’ve had. Santa is watching, after all!
  • Share your child’s Christmas wish list with Santa. Let them know which gifts your child is hoping for this year. Of course, remind them that you can only guarantee some things on the list will make it into the sleigh!
  • Include an inside joke or reference that only your child will understand. It helps make the letter extra personal and reinforces that Santa does know them well.
  • Ask your child questions about their life, school, friends, or family. Have Santa encourage them to continue being good boys and girls.
  • Wish them a Merry Christmas, and remind them you’re looking forward to stopping by their house! Let them know you’ve double-checked your list, and they’re on the Nice side.

By including personal details and touching on each child’s interests, you’ll create cherished letters from Santa that your kids will read repeatedly. Make it an annual holiday tradition they’ll never forget.

Child on Christmas eve watching Santa fly by in the sky

Santa Letter Ideas and Templates to Get You Started

As a mom, coming up with creative letter ideas from Santa each year can be challenging. Here are a few templates and suggestions to get those creative juices flowing:

Personalized Stationery

Use festive stationery or have your child design their own. Start with “Dear [Child’s Name],” and sign it “Love, Santa.” This slight personal touch will make it extra special.

Share Memories

Have Santa recall a special memory or inside joke from the past year. For example, “Do you remember when you left me those delicious chocolate chip cookies by the fireplace?” Adding little details like this makes it more believable.

Report Card

Have Santa give your child a playful “Christmas report card” on things like:

  • Milk and Cookies: A+
  • Being Nice to Siblings: Needs Improvement
  • Going to Bed on Time: Could Do Better

Keep the tone lighthearted and fun. Santa could say something like, “Keep up the good work, and we’ll talk again next Christmas!”

Next Year’s Wish

Have Santa ask your child what they might want for next Christmas. For example, “I’m already starting to make my list for next year. Is there anything you have your eye on for Christmas 2022?” It gives kids something to look forward to and starts them thinking about next season.

Thank Your Child

Have Santa send a heartfelt thank you note to your child for things like:

  • The friendly letter they wrote to Santa
  • Leaving out treats for the reindeer
  • Being on their best behaviour this year

A simple message of gratitude from Santa is a thoughtful way to make kids feel special. Mix and match these ideas or use them as inspiration to craft a custom Santa letter your child will treasure for years to come.

Santa delivering presents
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You’ve done it! We have written the letters from Santa and baked the cookies, and now it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy the magic of Christmas as your child sees it. All the effort you put in to make your little one’s Christmas extra special will be worth it when you see their face light up on Christmas morning. Though the Santa myth won’t last forever, the memories you created together this year will. You should feel proud for pulling off such an epic Christmas feat and spreading joy during the season of giving. Now pour yourself some eggnog; you’ve earned it! The hard part is over, so relax and have a merry Christmas.