Why is it so important to create an eco-friendly home?

the earth on a leaf - eco-friendly
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
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Sustainable homes make a surprising difference to your environment, both inside and outside.

Many homeowners choose to make eco-friendly changes to their homes to save money on their energy bills, but the benefits can be even more far-reaching than you might expect. And since you could be eligible for government grants towards renewable energy at home, there’s no better time to start doing your research.

Whether you’re renovating or buying a new property this year, it’s always worth knowing why sustainable features could become the most valuable addition you make to your home.

Our top reasons why you should ensure your home is eco-friendly

  1. Higher property value

Even the simplest changes can help you to increase the value of your property. Not all changes are expensive, and it’s always important to know about the best ways to add value to your home if you’re thinking about selling up.

However, one of the most significant emerging trends in the property market is the likelihood that deep-pocketed buyers will choose properties with sustainable credentials over those that don’t. If your home is located in an affluent area or a commuting town in high demand, it’s certainly worth adding those sought-after green features.

  • Fewer maintenance commitments

Traditional home heating systems require maintenance and repairs. Along with an annual inspection, gas-fired boilers are also prone to leaks and unexpected errors, inevitably requiring a prompt and undoubtedly expensive engineer callout.

Contemporary renewable energy systems and green building materials are typically more durable and require less maintenance over extended periods. Newer systems will give you more peace of mind that your house will be warm through the winter months and benefit from consistently hot water too. 

It’s worth noting that renewable energy systems can be costly upfront, so if you plan to pay on finance, improving your credit score could help you to increase the options available and secure a high-quality system.

  • Reduced carbon footprint

Converting and upgrading your own home to make it considerably more eco-friendly is a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint. In the midst of the climate crisis, it’s more important than ever that we start taking our personal commitment seriously and help to protect the planet for future generations.

When you’ve installed sustainable heating systems and chosen eco-friendly materials, you might also feel more motivated to pick up green habits like composting and collecting rainwater for your garden rather than using the hose.

  • Healthier indoor environment

Cutting back on the use of gas-fired systems will inevitably make the air cleaner in your home. When you replace gas hobs and combination boilers with all-electric technologies, you’ll eliminate the risk of any carbon monoxide seeping into your living space from a faulty connection.

Not only is this better for your health and lifestyle, particularly if you have young children living in the house, but it could make your home more appealing to potential buyers in the future.

Protecting the planet is a responsibility we all share. If you’re thinking of renovating this year, make sure you know all about the benefits of including sustainable technologies and materials in your home before you start.