Tips on Improving Your Garden

This is a collaborative post

Our gardens can be spaces of tranquillity. They can calm us and make us feel a lot better. They are good for our well-being and health. The senses that they stimulate, sights, smells, sounds, even from the buzzing of bees, or a water feature, all help contribute to this feeling. However, to create a garden that generates this feeling, you need to put a lot of time and effort into designing it. Sometimes it can feel like an unforgiving task, but if you get it right, a garden can act as another room and not only enhance your well-being but also add a lot of value to your home. So, let’s have a look at a few tips for improving your garden:

recycled planter using an old tyre - improving your garden
Image by Jacek Abramowicz from Pixabay

The Lawn

A beautiful lawn with mowed grass, no patches or clumps of grass, can make you feel very calm and relaxed. However, it is not so easy to get this. If your garden has a lot of lumps and bumps, clumps of grass and bald patches, it may be time to have a professional returfing. If the garden is not so bad but needs a little work, then it takes the right tools and time. You need a lawn mower, a half-moon edger, a garden fork, grass seed, edging shears, and access to water. First, it needs a good mow, and then use the fork to dig up areas which are depressed and pull out clumps and all the imperfections. You could even go so far as to dig out all the little plants that grow, rale out all the dead grass, and use soil to fill in any holes in the garden; fertilizer is another great thing to use. Fill in all the bare patches now with lawn seed and water it. You can use garden shears to clean up any edges. Over time this process should make the lawn look a lot better. 

Create Zones

This may be particularly good for large gardens with a lot of space. It is a method of creating a multipurpose garden that looks and feels fantastic. There are many ways to create a zone, from using raised borders and garden trellises with creeping plants to dividing off sections. You can have arched walkways covered with creepers, too, to make a secret garden feel. You may want to decide what you want the zones to be before you create them, perhaps you want a large zone for the children to play in with a climbing frame, etc., or maybe you want a peaceful meditation zone or a space to entertain guests. Decide what you want, and then that can influence your idea on the size of each zone and whether or not it can have a floral overhead covering. 


All good gardens need flowers. There is a wide variety of choices, of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from. Perhaps you are thinking of having borders on the edges of your garden where you can plant tulip bulbs and other bright-coloured flowers. Maybe creeping plants over trellises is more your thing. If you have a small green in the city, then it may be worth getting a lot of potted plants and hanging baskets to give your space that colour and life you are after. You are wise to choose a mixture of annuals which dies after blossoming the first time and perennials which blossom for a few years. Planting flowers in the spring is always the best bet; planting both types means that you will get a blossoming garden the first summer, even if the perennials take a full year to blossom for the first time.

Garden Features

A great way to improve the look and feel of a garden is to add a few garden features. Again this is something that you have a lot of choice with. Perhaps you want a few garden ornaments, silver balls, or sculptures; you can even make your own if you are that way inclined. Maybe a water feature and a garden path. A lovely garden bench is a good thing to have, too, especially on those warm summer afternoons. If you do have a small garden space, then garden mirrors are a fantastic option. It gives you the illusion of more space. If you have walls surrounding you, then how about a garden mural painting on one of the walls to give you a better garden experience? Garden features are in abundance these days, so it is fun to go out and look for things that resonate with you.