9 Activities to Do When You’re Bored Living in a Small Town

Main street in a small town somewhere in America
Photo by Sean Foster on Unsplash
This is a collaborative post

Big cities are often fawned over because of the idea that there is something to always be done. Realistically, someone could live in a place like New York or San Francisco for decades and still not be able to do everything.

On the other hand, small towns are often quite the opposite. You can move to or visit a small town and do everything there is to do (if anything) within what seems like a few weeks.

But before you venture off to a new, bigger town to do something different, check out these things we recommend you do when you’re bored and living in a small town.

1. Throw an Event

There is no easier way to have something to do than creating it yourself. Whether it be a town event or something to do with family and loved ones, planning an event can keep small-town living interesting.

Try hosting a barbeque challenge and selling tickets to reimburse supplies or even a movie in the park. Not only is it entertainment, you further unify your small town and strengthen its bond! Find tips on planning a community event here.

2. Farmer’s Market

If your town does not already host a farmer’s market, it may be time to help arrange one. Farmer’s markets are fun, fresh, and a great way to exchange goods locally.

If your town already has a market and you haven’t been in a while, check it out again and see what new offerings there are. Find everything you need at your town’s next market.

3. Learn the History

Perhaps not the most exciting opportunity out there, learning the history of where you live is important! If you’re bored and looking for something – anything – to do, it may be time to explore the echoes of your town’s past.

Head to the downtown area and visit any resources available to you, whether it be plaques, the chamber of commerce, or a visitor’s centre.

4. Get Outdoors

It’s easy to say that you don’t have anything to do in a small town when you’re exclusively looking for something man-made and even indoors. The truth is that there are so many outdoor activities that don’t require big city living and are even better in rural areas.

One example? Invite a group of friends to a large field and host your very own soccer or football game!

5. Go Food Tasting

Okay, chances are fine dining, and wine tasting are not abundant in your small town, but there should be options that are unique to your town.

If you’re looking for something fun to do in an afternoon, try restaurant hopping, making sure to try your favourite places and ones you’ve never had before, splitting food, and moving to the next.

6. Picnics

Picnics are a universally sweet and light-hearted activity, but those in small towns often have the best setting for them… No loud honking or excessive conversations and views for miles.

Take advantage of your location and do activities, like picnics, that help to highlight it! And don’t forget to round it off with some adult fun. If you live in a state notorious for small towns like, say, Illinois, check out dispensaries in Illinois or near you.

7. Day vs. Night

While this won’t magically create something to do, it’s worth mentioning. Seeing your town during the day is much different than exploring it at night.

If you’ve never visited your favorite places at night, it may be the time. You never know what will look or feel different when the sun goes down.

8. Roadtripping

Hopping in the car is the perfect way to cover all corners of your town and nearby ones.

Put on your favourite music, roll down the windows and take in all that your town has to offer, from the places closest to you to the ones you haven’t seen in a while or ever.

For best results, make the most out of it and plan to hit some important local landmarks that are significant to your region.

9. Enjoy the Outskirts

Chances are that if you’re living in a small town, there’s a reason or two it hasn’t expanded yet. Oftentimes, it’s because there is a landmark or reserve that makes it difficult to keep growing that small town.

If you’re used to staying “downtown” or sticking to your same routine day in and day out, try taking a trip to the outer part of town and seeing what it has to offer.


While living in a small town may not be the most exciting experience in the world, it certainly has its own benefits. Take some time to consider how your small-town living can be used for your advantage rather than as a detriment.