Poker Vs Blackjack: a battle of the classic card games

poker vs blackjack
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For centuries, card games have been a popular pastime, with many dating back well before the first gaming establishment even opened its doors. Arguably two of the most famous – and beloved – card games of all time, Poker and Blackjack, both have early origins in 17th century France. The games spread through Europe before rising in popularity in America, where the versions and names of the games we know today were adapted.

In the modern-day, you can find both live Blackjack and live Poker at online casino sites, where you’ll be able to enjoy gameplay in real-time, without having to leave your home. This goes to show how well the games have evolved over time, with gameplay becoming popular even before land-based casinos existed, from thriving in these venues to now being catapulted into the excitement of modern-day technology.

But, with so much in common, we’re left with the question; what’s the difference between the classic card games, and most importantly: which is best?

Read on to find out more.


Some historians believe that games similar to Poker first made an appearance in the 10th century, but in Europe, Poker’s closest predecessor was a game called Poque, which caught on in France in the 17th century.

Gameplay is fairly straightforward. To start, a dealer deals each player two cards. Then, a small bet is placed, followed by a bigger bet. This enables the first round of betting to commence, where you should bet according to how confident you are with the cards in your hand, according to the value of the Poker hands.

Then, the dealer deals three face-up community cards, and the second round of betting begins. The dealer will then deal a fourth community card before the third round of betting begins, and this is followed by the dealer dealing a fifth community card, then the final round of betting begins. You can fold at any point, withdrawing your hand from the game and cutting your losses. If two or more players haven’t folded, the remaining players will show their cards, and the winner is whoever has the best hand according to the Poker hand rankings.

Of course, gameplay can vary slightly based on the variation of Poker you decide to play, and for a beginner, we recommend playing at an online casino so you can brush up on your Poker-face and knowledge of the hand rankings, before feeling the full-blown excitement and pressure of a real-life Poker table.


Blackjack is also a fairly simple game to play once you know-how. You can win by either drawing a hand value that’s higher than the dealers, by the dealer going ‘bust’ and drawing a hand that has a higher value of 21, or by drawing a hand value of 21 on your first two cards, and the dealer doesn’t. However, you’ll lose if your hand value exceeds 21, or if the dealer’s hand has a higher value than yours at the end of the round.

So, once you’ve purchased your chips and placed your wager, the dealer will then deal one face-up card to each player in a clockwise direction, and one face-down to themselves. Then, each player will receive another card face up, and the dealer will also receive a card facing upwards. In turn, you can then decide to ‘stand’ not receiving any more cards, ‘hit’, receive another card, ‘double down’, by doubling your initial wager and taking one more card, ‘split’, if you’re dealt a pair and you think playing two hands instead of one will give you an advantage, or ‘surrender’ and give up your hand, surrendering your original bet at the same time.

Once you’re happy with your decision, the dealer will play their hand, revealing who has won. Essentially, the aim is to get your value to, or as close to, 21 as possible.

Which is best?

Which game is best is entirely up to you! However, to help you make that decision, we recommend taking into consideration your gameplay style, the variety of bets you can place and the minimum and maximum bets at the table you’re playing at.

Both games are iconic in their own right, and offer unique, exciting gameplay for you to enjoy. If you fancy playing against other players, then Poker is the game for you, but if you’re in the mood to see if you can beat the dealer, then we recommend a game of Blackjack.