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23rd February 2022

8 Kitchen Packing Hacks for Easy Moving

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Moving to a new home? Excited, huh? But packing can make everything dull, isn’t it? It is so much work and costs you a lot of money if you don’t pack delicate and expensive items carefully. From the drawing-room to the bedroom, every room’s items are tough to pack. But the toughest of them all is undoubtedly your kitchen. It is so much work as there are so many cabinets, drawers, shelves, pantry space, and appliances!

boxes packed ready for moving house - packing hacks
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So, if you’re planning to save money by packing the kitchen items by yourself, we have a game plan for you. It will help keep all your items safe and easy to organize in your new home. Here are the 8 packing hacks that will help you get ready to shift into your next home sweet home:

Dinner Plates

People usually pack every single piece of china or dinnerware in packing paper. But it is a waste of time because other alternatives are available that can help you save it. Follow the hack below to learn how to pack your dinner plates the right way:

  1. Use disposable foam plates.
  2. Stack them in the middle of the dishes.
  3. Pack the dishes horizontally, not vertically.
  4. Add crumpled paper or bubble wraps around the plates.
  5. Mark the box as FRAGILE.

Following the above procedure will protect your favourite dishes from the dangers surrounding moving to a new place. But make sure to follow it properly; otherwise, you’ll regret it. Ensure to add enough crumpled sheets and use bubble wrap the right way.


Knives are a dangerous item. They can get damaged and harm your other items by scratching or cutting them. That’s why it is crucial to put proper consideration into packing them. You can use potholders for holding them during the move and protect other items from getting damaged.

a set of kitchen knives
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Glasses & Mugs

Do you have a beautiful glass jar that’s very dear to you? Ensure its safety by following our next packing hack.

Packing paper and bubble wrap are must-have items for every move. But here, instead of them, you can stuff socks into the glasses and mugs, then place them into a separate packing box exclusively dedicated to glassware. Make sure to fetch a box with a cardboard divider in the middle to create sections for each glass and mug.

Packing these delicate items in a regular box increases their chances of breaking. All companies that assist in easy moving use these boxes for shifting. You can also get them from a stationery or glassware shop near you.

Silverware Basket

If you don’t have a modular kitchen, you might get saved from this packing step. But if you’re one of those who use silverware baskets in their kitchen drawers, you can pack it by lifting it out and wrapping it using a plastic cling wrap. Carefully wrap the plastic around it to prevent scratching or crushing before placing it in a packing box.

Pots & Pans

The best way to pack pots and pans is by stacking and placing them directly in a box. These items are not delicate so you can go a little easy with them. Rubber band dish towels around their lids and stack them in a separate box, exclusively dedicated to these items.

However, if your pots and pans are not stackable, you might have to follow a different method. Begin by stacking small kitchen items such as spices, utensils, kitchen tools, and dish towels inside them and then putting a rubber band on top of the lid to hold everything in place.

kitchen crockery
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Cleaning Supplies

The moving companies usually don’t allow transporting open containers of cleaning products in their vehicles. So, try using as many of them as you can in the weeks before moving or find them a new home with a friend or neighbour. You can also take them with you in your car but be sure to do the packing right.

If you’re moving locally, keep their lids secure by using packing tape or zipper bags to contain spills. Use plastic bottles for transporting opened supplies and separate similar-looking items by using decorative bottles ideas.

Pantry Food

Packing food from the pantry is tricky because you have to prepare for it weeks before moving. You don’t want to waste any food, so try to finish as much as you can from the pantry and the refrigerator before the day arrives. This advice is beneficial if you’re moving a long distance because if you have an abundance of perishable food left, it might go to waste.

If such as your case, don’t fret because you can always donate it to the needy. Contrastingly, if you’re moving locally, use tape to keep the items safe or zipper bags for packing open items. If the food is non-perishable, you can donate it to a local food pantry.

There are many options available; you just need to think!

Large Appliances

If you’re planning to pack even large appliances such as a refrigerator, television, dishwasher, microwave, computer system, etc., by yourself, make sure they are unplugged. Please take a moment to unscrew the interior bulbs of these appliances and pack them separately in bubble wraps. It will help if you have their manual to avoid issues when plugging them back into your new home.

Make sure to place the manuals inside the appliances so that you don’t lose them. It will also assist you in installing the appliances quickly as you’ll have their manual ready in hand.

man picking up and hugging a woman in their new house - packing hacks
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Final Words

This article has listed all the tricks you will need for moving kitchenware to a new home. We advise you to leave the cabinets and drawers open as you pack the items inside them and have plenty of packing tape, newspaper, marker, packing boxes, and bubble wrap for easy distribution in your new home.

Is The American Dream Dead Or Alive?

2 hands holding the American flag - is the American dream dead or alive?
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Whether the American dream is dead or alive can not be answered with a simple yes or no. According to the simplest American dream definition, the idea meant that anybody could attain success in life with hard work and perseverance, irrespective of the place they are born or the condition they are in presently.

But is this a neo-economic setup? Does this statement still hold a firm relevance? Well, things are way more complicated than it was before regarding this subject. First of all, let’s unravel the fact that the idea of the American dream was not only limited to the U.S. After the idea got popularized in America where the media and the essay examples made sure that the people understood the concept, it was also accepted by many other countries around the globe.

However, in recent times, this idea has shown its shortcomings. It is not because people lack hard work, dedication, and perseverance but because of the revised socio-economic structure, which may or may not allow someone to succeed even after following all the notions of the idea. However, the idea has still got some pertinence in the present society which you will know gradually. 

What Is The State Of The American Dream?

There are essay examples written by scholars which showed that the American dream is a full-proof way to succeed. But, things are much more complicated in the present scenario. Modern studies started to unfold some undeniable drawbacks of the American dream. Recent research was done by the Hamilton Project, which shows that a child who was born in the population of the bottom 20% of the yearly income distribution has less than a 5% chance to reach the top 20% of the yearly income distribution.

Along with this, many essays also concluded that birthplace plays a very important role for a person to succeed, a fact that was nullified by the American dream.

Realities Of The American Dream

Before, the idea of the American dream was not minutely studied with the socio-economic structure. Or, we can say that, back then, this idea was well and truly within reach. The idea impressed and influenced almost every student and was widely accepted as a maxim in every college and university. Now in the present scenario of the American dream reality, four categories were found by comparing the data of economic mobility in the most prosperous and the most financially backward place of a country.

There are mainly four categories that depend on the place a person lives. The four categories are alive and well, fenced off, within reach, and distant prospect.

Where Is The American Dream Is Alive?

This question falls in the category of ‘Well and Alive.’ In this category, the American dream is affluent alive. The places or counties that are getting covered in this category are, however, quite prosperous and have great economic mobility. This is somewhat against the aphorism of the American dream.

There are 420 (72% of the total prosperous counties of the U.S.) such counties in this section. The main clustered regions of these counties are:

•           West Coast metro areas

•           Parts of Industrial Midwest

•           Most parts of Texas

•           Eastern Seaboard.

We see that the Southeast is missing from this section despite being highly prosperous. This is because the economic mobility in this region is not that good.

The total American population that falls under these ‘well and alive’ counties of the American dream is 71 million. Between the span of only five years from 2010 to 2014, 96% of these “well and alive” counties indicated job growth, 80% showed growth in new business opportunities and comfort of business, and 88% showed a steep rise in the population.

Fenced Off Counties

Fenced-off counties are those places in the United States that are prosperous but face harsh economic immobility. This is the reason why following the American dream for the population of these regions is a tough ask.

It comprises 28% of the prosperous regions in the U.S. However, properties in these counties are very unevenly shared. These counties are home to more than 48 million U.S. citizens. These counties are mainly clustered in metropolitan areas of the Midwest, South, and all across the West.


The traditional view of the American Dream, which states the notion of “place does not matter,” is well and truly nullified in the present economic scenario. The places where this concept is still alive are the places with good economic mobility and financial prosperity.

Nonetheless, we can not conclude that the American dream is completely a futile idea in the present. But, it has changed in all forms and shapes with time.

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