How to convert your loft into a stylish space

home office in loft conversion
Image by Firmbee from Pixabay
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A loft conversion is a fantastic way to add space and value to your home. You can add a whole floor to your home and make the most out of the new area. You could have a master bedroom, home office or second living room in the loft. A loft conversion can add thousands to the value of your home – if you do it right.

Follow this quick guide to convert your loft into a usable space.


First up, you need to take a look at your finances. Weigh up the cost of the loft conversion – from the construction process to the interior décor. Loft conversions can be very expensive, and it might not be worth it for your family. Take a look at the value of your home and consider whether you will be selling anytime soon. If your home has already reached its maximum value, a loft conversion might be pointless.


So you’re going ahead with the conversion, now what? You need to think about the accessibility of the loft. You can add a new staircase to make it more accessible. The staircase should join into your existing staircase to create a seamless design.


You will need to add Velux windows to introduce more lighting into the converted loft. If the roof is sloped, you could look into adding a dormer window instead. You can add more head height to the loft conversion and finish with a wonderful glass panelled wall. You never know, there might be a fantastic view from your rooftop.

The purpose of the room

Before you can make any hard and fast decisions, you need to decide what the room will be. A master bedroom with an en-suite will require a different set-up to a home office. You could have a second living area for the children in the loft. It can start as a playroom, and then as they get older, it can be a teenager’s living space. They can hang out with friends, play video games and contain their mess to one area. 

You could even combine a few rooms together to create a multifunctional space. The loft could be a guest bedroom with a sofa bed and an en-suite for when family come to stay. For the rest of the time, it can be your home office with a desk in the corner.

Heating and insulation

The loft room needs to be warm enough to live in. You will need to properly heat and insulate the space to make sure it’s comfortable. After all, no one wants to spend time in a freezing cold loft.

Make the most out of your loft space and add a new room to your home.