Best Kids Bible Lessons That You Can Buy Online

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When it comes to raising kids to be God-fearing, parents need all the help they can get. And it will be a disaster if you have to rely on today’s society to teach your kids to be upright. 

This is not to say that all has gone wrong in the world today, but many things can keep children away from the way of God. And if you are a firm believer of the gospel, the Bible remains the best tool to learn about the Christian faith. Want to find out the best bible lessons that you can buy online for kids? You can check some of our friendly suggestions below. 

Teaching Kids the Way of God

The first thing you should know is that there is so much different information circulating the web when it comes to online lessons regarding the Christian faith. This is why you want to be critical about which resources your kids take their lessons from. It could be a good idea to leave them to browse the web on their own when it comes to school work, but when it comes to issues regarding faith and belief, it is your duty as a parent to take the lead.

You could make it easy for you both and get them a bible app on their phone. But the truth is that they could be a little difficult for kids to enjoy reading, especially if they are highlighted in plain text. Something with a bit of story and design could be ideal for kids to learn faster about God and religion. You can find more here on raising children to be upright in today’s society. 

Vital Bible Lessons Kids Should Learn 

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There is no denying that the bible is filled with interesting stories that kids could learn from about creation, the times of Jesus and his disciplines, and the new testament. But to make it a lot easier and worth their while, below are some of the essential ones to consider to get them interested in the bible. 

The Lord’s Prayer

The Our Father, specifically known as the Lord’s Prayer has become one of the strongest verses in the bible. It summarizes man’s wishes and should be the best way to get a kid started on life’s journey. Psalm 23, like many other verses in the bible, has a strong tie to the family.

This you can deduct from the line, “give us this day our daily bread.” This short prayer is enough to begin any meal at the family table. Reminding teenagers of this passage could help with keeping them on the right path of salvation. There are several apps and online resources with this short but powerful prayer. All you have to do is find one that suits your preference. 

The Story of Jerusalem 

Jerusalem holds a powerful lesson that kids could learn about the early days of Christianity. Some of the stories to note include that of David and Solomon and the great cities before the birth of Christ. Another important story here is that of the Jewish temple and the early days of the Jews. 

The book of Kings tells such a great motivational story of conquest that could help forge male and female children to become leaders. Here the stories of strength as depicted by David and the wisdom of Solomon are both important for every kid to grow in the way of God. This link has more on life lessons to teach children before their teenage years. 

The Book of Psalm 

One thing about the Psalmists is they tell good stories that could easily match the lyrics to a soul-inspiring song. And for kids to familiarize themselves with such inspiration could be the birth of something different in their lives. The respect of God and the cry for salvation are some daily reminders kids can learn about faith and Christianity.

The Psalmist reminds us of the very presence of God in our daily lives and keeps us aware of the path to heaven. Staying focused as Christians hasn’t been any challenging as it is now, and both young and old need a constant reminder of the benevolence of our Lord and maker. 

The Story of Esther 

If there ever was a woman, as the bible made us believe, who was ever steadfast in her faith and devotion to God, it could be Esther. The Queen of King Achashveyrosh, who ruled over the Jews in Babylon, helped saved her brother and people from destruction. The king, who was pressurized to do so with the influence of his prime minister Haman who wanted to deal with Esther’s brother Mordecai and the Jews, was able to bow to the simplicity of Esther’s beauty and grace. 

This story has a vital lesson that young girls can learn to believe in their inward beauty and grace to be the shining light in their lives. And when they do grow up to have a family of their own, they will be passionate and caring enough to keep on shining. Boys too can learn about simplicity and being steadfast in their faith, as was shown by Mordecai. There are a few suitable materials for kids bible lessons included, that shed light on this story and many others that will inspire kids. 

Other Great Bible Online Lessons you can Buy for Kids

While a bible may not inspire your toddler to start their journey on Christianity, many smaller versions center around a few bible stories kids will find interesting. Some of the ones to take note of in your search for bible lessons you can buy online for children include 

  • The Book of Proverbs 
  • Tales on the Beatitudes 
  • Adam and Eve 
  • John the Baptist 
  • The Tower of Babel
  • Abraham’s Covenant with God
  • The Story of Creation 

There are many more stories that you could also find interesting if you are familiar with bible passages. And if you happen to find one that is great to include in your list could be just suitable for your kid. 

Final Note 

You can check through the web to find any good biblical lesson you like and buy one for your child. It may be a good idea to look for quality ones made from durable materials. Remember, colors and design are an excellent way to encourage toddlers and preschoolers to learn quickly. So you may want to consider that option if you are shopping for a young one.