What to Consider when Buying Skirting Boards?

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Is it high time to make some changes to the interior design of your beloved home? If your budget isn’t large enough to cover a costly remodeling project, an introduction of some ornate elements will contribute to its glamour.

Skirting boards have made a boom in the market owing to their decorative role and remarkable functionality. These not only enhance the décor of rooms but hide unsightly piping and cables, which ruin the interior design of homes. Scuff marks will no longer be an issue, as walls will be provided with the required protection.

These are the main factors to consider when choosing skirting board styles for your home.


Homeowners are suggested to start the search for the right skirting boards by looking at their design. The style you opt for is supposed to match the interior décor of your residence in order for the baseboards complement the flooring, furniture, and other elements in the rooms.

Generally, homeowners are provided with a choice between traditional and contemporary skirting boards. Traditional baseboards are a suitable alternative for homes decorated in Victorian, Georgian, or Edwardian style due to the myriad of tiny details. Apart from matching the baseboard design with the architrave, artwork, and furnishings in your house, make sure you pay close attention to dimension.

Since houses decorated in Victorian and Georgian style are known for their remarkably tall rooms, homeowners are advised to opt for taller skirting boards. However, this isn’t the case with Edwardian houses where rooms aren’t as tall, thus requiring shorter baseboards.

Contemporary skirting, on the other hand, lacks details but charms individuals with its minimalistic design. These styles are best suited for modern homes, which are nothing but plain. Make sure you avoid combing modern interior décor with vintage skirting or two different traditional styles together.

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The choice of colour is also considered significant when shopping for such ornate elements, as homeowners can use them to achieve subtleness or contrast. Although most people use baseboards for the purpose of creating contrast, these can make interior décor more uniform by blending the colours of halls with those of the rooms.

Nevertheless, the majority of homeowners use baseboards to make a contrast by opting for a hue that’s contrasting to the white colour of walls. White walls can be paired with baseboards in any colour as long as the hue matches the rest of the decorative elements in the room. Additionally, white skirting can be used in combination with coloured walls as long as the finish is attentively chosen. Keep in mind that making the wrong choice of finish will strike the eye of visitors when entering the house.


The material of baseboards is of the utmost importance, as it not only contributes to the appearance but also to their lifespan. For instance, MDF (medium-density fibreboard) skirting has become a trend in recent times owing to its long-lasting nature, plain look, and affordable prices. The best thing about MDF models is their resistance to moisture, which substantially reduces the risk of warping. Hence, these baseboards can be used in the kitchen and bathroom without worrying about the effect of dampness on their quality.

In addition, MDF skirting boards impose minimal requirements when it comes to installation and maintenance. The affordable cost of these models along with their low-maintenance character makes them surprisingly cost-effective when compared to softwood and hardwood.

Softwood baseboards are a better alternative for traditional homes due to their vintage charm. These are available in a multitude of designs but you can also stain them in any colour you find appealing. When noticing the first signs of wear and tear, you aren’t supposed to replace the baseboards with new ones. On the contrary, you can sand the softwood and apply a new coat of finish to restore its former look. Read here about the characteristics and uses of softwood.

Hardwood skirting is considered to be a high-end alternative, mostly preferred by owners of historic houses. The glamour and longevity of hardwood make it the costliest variant in the market, providing the best opportunities regarding customization. It’s the best solution for residents who want their baseboards customized to fit their preferences. Manufacturers even offer pre-stained and pre-oiled models if demanded by customers.

Furthermore, hardwood skirting is sought-after for its remarkable resistance against scuff marks. Nevertheless, you might need professional assistance to install hardwood models, as these need to be drilled prior to being installed on the wall. If you aren’t proud of your DIY skills, make sure you leave this task to the experts.


Another feature worth considering is the height of skirting boards. The age of your property is what every homeowner is advised to take into account before selecting the best height. Given historic homes have incredibly tall ceilings, it’s no wonder high baseboards are preferred for such properties. The average height for traditional homes is approximately 225mm in contrast to the 125mm for modern residences. The low height of ceilings in contemporary homes should encourage homeowners to opt for shorter skirting.

Nevertheless, homeowners can make an exception when wishing to protect their walls from high traffic. Youngsters and pets are known to cause wall damage, which can be prevented by installing higher baseboards.


In terms of painting, homeowners might need to spend some time painting these elements depending on the finish they prefer. White skirting doesn’t require painting but you need to paint the boards if you want another hue. These elements require delicate painting, which is why some individuals decide to trust this task in the hand of professional painters.

Light colours are better suited for living rooms and kitchens, as these make the rooms look more spacious. In contrast, dark tones are more preferred in bedrooms, home offices, and halls.

Final word

Baseboards represent an affordable but elegant remodelling solution. These are budget-friendly, customizable, durable, and protective.
You’ll immediately fall in love with the charm they’ll provide to your residence!