1 Day 12 Pics February 2020

I remembered to do 1 day 12 pics today, even though the reminders I’d set in my phone had somehow disappeared!
Here are my 1 day 12 pics February photos.

1 – We’ve hardly used our National Trust membership since joining last August so we decided to have a family afternoon. Unfortunately, Aiden couldn’t come as he was working so it was just the four of us.

National Trust app - 1 day 12 pics February

2 – We decided to take lunch with us so I could stick to Slimming World.

lunch plan

3 – We were on our way. Both Ant and I love this house.

Woolsthorpe Manor

4 – Arriving at Woolsthorpe Manor

Woolsthorpe Manor

5 – KayCee and Ella enjoyed the science centre.
We sat in the cafe after and had a drink before our guided tour of Issac Newton’s house.

holographic apple - 1 day 12 pics february

6 – Issac Newton portrait

Issac Newton portrait - 1 day 12 pics february

7 – On our way home.

 our way home

8 – On the way home we dropped KayCee at her friend’s and we went to visit Nanny and ChiChi.

Chi Chi 1 day 12 pics february

9 – Ella’s watching Supergirl season 2 again. I don’t know why because she’s going to get all upset again when Mon-El leaves!

watchng Supergirl with Ella

10 – I’m relaxed while Ant made us chicken curry and rice for dinner.

11 – We have loads of Pointless episodes recorded. KayCee and Ella aren’t keen but Ant and I really enjoy watching it together.

watching pointless

12 – Nearly forgot to add the photos to the blog post today. I’m now going to get a drink and watch something with Ant. Not sure how long we’ll be watching for, though, as I’m already fighting the urge to fall asleep!

writing a blog post