KayCee and Veganuary

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Image by jean-bernard Devaux from Pixabay

KayCee went on a school trip to France last month and on the coach on the way back, she had a conversation with one of her teachers about veganism.
She decided that she’d like to try being a vegan so asked if she could try Veganuary.

After having a discussion with Ant, we decided we’d fully support her.
Ant did some research into veganism as he wanted to be sure she was going to be eating healthily while eating this way for the month.

Two Weeks In

We’re two weeks into January and she was really enjoying being a vegan until she weighed herself and discovered that she’d lost 11lb in 2 weeks which puts her on the edge of the Under Weight category on the NHS height and weight chart.
We had another discussion and said we’re happy to keep on supporting her, however, we’d much prefer it if she chose to be a vegetarian while her body is growing and when she’s an adult she can then choose to be a vegan if she still wanted to.

To help her as much as we can, we’ve decided to make all family meals vegetarian-friendly.
Ant needs to cut down on red meat anyway and whilst I could never be vegan (could not do without milk, cheese and yogurt!), I’m quite happy to plan vegetarian family dinners.

Slimming World Recipes

I’ll now be posting a lot more Slimming World vegetarian recipes in the coming weeks.
I’m quite looking forward to trying lots of new recipes and hopefully, it’ll help keep me on the right track to lose weight this year.

KayCee drinking hot chocolate

If you’re trying Veganuary, we’d love to hear how you’re getting on. Please feel free to share your links or comments below ๐Ÿ™‚