1 Day 12 Pics January 2020

I’m going to try to remember to join in with 1 day 12 pics each month. I’ve not had much success in previous years but I’ve actually created draft posts for each month this time so hopefully, I’ll manage all year!
So I go with my 1 day 12 pics January 2020/

1 – running a bit behind today cos I totally forgot and didn’t hear the reminder.
We’re off shopping to Home Bargains and the farm shop #buylocal

On the way to Home Bargains

2 – I only went in @homebargains for a 12-week food diary for £1.99!

Home Bargains receipt

3 – Number 3 – We love the shop at Spinney Farm. We had the best tasting satsumas and clementines from here and have now decided we’re going to get all our fruit and veg from here.

Spinney Farm shop

4 – 2 egg Omelette with 2 veggie sausages (2 syns), left overcooked cauliflower, mushrooms and 1 HEA cheese portion.
Totally on it this week 

Slimming World omelette

5 – catching up with Derry Girls Bake Off

Great British Bake Off New Year with the Derry Girls cast

6 – planning next week’s #slimmingworldmenu

menu planning - 1 day 12 pics January 2020

7 – relaxing for a bit with an online jigsaw

1 day 12 pics January 2020 - online jigsaw

8 – recipe for dinner tonight #slimmingworld

Slimming World easy chicken curry recipe

9 – visiting Nanny and Chichi 🐶

Chichi the dog

10 – trying gel polish for the first time using a kit I got for Christmas from my daughter, Ella 😊

Gel nail varnish - 1 day 12 pics January 2020

11 – first try at gel nails didn’t turn out too badly!

gel nails

12 – watching Big Fat Quiz of the Decade with the hubby 😁

1 day 12 pics January 2020 - Big Fat Quiz of the Decade