July 1st – Garden Update

I’m back with a garden update; it’s only been a year or so since my last one! You may remember that I declared last year as the year of the garden.
I have to be honest and tell you that far from getting the garden the way we wanted it, it got left to its own devices and decided to grow so much bramble, the top of the garden is now unusable!

There were 2 reasons for this; Ant damaged his leg a few days after we made a start on the garden and spent months in pain and I was suffering from terrible migraines that are now, thankfully, under control.

An Hour A Day

I’ve decided to spend 1 hour a day in the garden. It may not sound like much, but I struggle with a bad back and can only just manage about an hour before I have to rest it.

I think 1 hour day, concentrating on one part of the garden at a time will stop the job feeling so overwhelming.
I decided to clear the weeds on the steps and weed one of the borders at the side of the steps.

border full of weeds
Border full of weeds

I planted Dragon’s Blood Sedum last year in the hopes that it would spread and stop the weeds. I think I expected too much of the poor thing!

It is spreading but not as fast as I’d hoped and the weeds and grass were growing in amongst the clusters.
I made it easier for myself to weed the border by sitting on a chair. It still made my back hurt but it wasn’t as bad as if I’d been bending over all that time.

border after weeding
I think by removing all the weeds and grass, the plants will find it easier to grow and spread. Well, that’s what I’m hoping for anyway!

Steps Before And After

I love the steps Ant put in but the weeds and grass growing up the sides was doing my head in!
They look much nicer now 🙂

steps before weeding
Weeds and grass everywhere!
steps after weeding
So much better 🙂

Tomorrow I’m going to tackle the border on the other side and I’ll be back with a garden update next Monday 🙂

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