1 Day 12 Pics On Instagram – October

I’ve not taken part in #1day12pics on Instagram for a while. I figured it was time to join in again with October #1day12pics

For those who don’t know, #1day12pics runs on the first Saturday of every month. The idea is to take a photo on the hour, every hour and post them to Instagram.
I like to collect them all up and put them on a blog post when I remember to take part, that is!

Saturday was a quiet day, I didn’t really go anywhere so it was a bit hard finding something to take a photo every hour. I managed it, though 🙂

October #1day12pics


I’m reading this book as part of my Goodreads reading challenge 2017
Sophie Hannah A Game For All The Family - October #1day12pics


Pinterest – I was scheduling pins to Tailwind. Since using tailwind, my monthly views on Pinterest went from 59k on September 9th to  161.1k on October 9th.

Pinterest - October 1 day 12 pics


Coffee time

Mug with a picture of a rabbit wearing a hat - October 1 day 12 pics


Ant’s homemade bread

Ant's homemade bread - October 1 day 12 pics


Our beautiful Ella

Ella - October 1 day 12 pics


Ella spent the afternoon helping to raise funds for her Cubs group. They did a jumble sale.

Ella in her Cubs uniform - October 1 day 12 pics


My new craft kits have arrived 🙂

Diamond painting kit. Santa holding an owl - October 1 day 12 pics


I couldn’t resist starting my new craft kit!

Started my diamond painting kit - October 1 day 12 pics


We went to visit Nanny and had a coffee

Coffee mug - October 1 day 12 pics


Ella’s new teddy bear from her sister, Kellyann

Teddy bear - October 1 day 12 pics


I had to catch up on Eastenders. I was about 10 episodes behind!

Eastenders - October 1 day 12 pics


I love my new craft kits 🙂

Diamond painting Santa - October 1 day 12 pics