Savation Army Christmas Present Appeal

I’m in quite a few Christmas themed Facebook groups. Today someone mentioned the Operation Christmas Child scheme. I’ve always wanted to take part but money was usually tight. This year things are a bit better so I wanted to be able to help someone have a nice Christmas who might not normally have had one.

Salvation Army

After doing some research and reading some things I don’t agree with about the scheme, I decided to look for a different charity to help.
The Salvation Army runs a Christmas Present Appeal every year so I’m going to be donating 🙂

Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal
StockSnap / Pixabay

Spreading the Cost

I spread the cost of Christmas throughout the whole year. I start stocking up on cards, wrap and gifts in the sales that start on Boxing Day. I buy Christmas presents all year round and add them to my stash.
Doing it this way has helped me have debt free Christmases for the last 5 years or more and I love it!

I figure whenever I see a bargain that would suit a child, family or elderly person, I’ll add it to the stash and drop them off at my local Salvation Army centre in the run-up to Christmas.


Last year we had a few duplicate presents between us and they’re still upstairs, in their wrappers. They’re family board games and are perfect to donate to this cause.
Re-gifting them or selling them felt wrong after the family had spent time and money picking out a gift for us. Donating them feels much better 🙂