Double Digits! Happy 10th Birthday Ella

Double Digits

Double digits Happy birthday Ella

I can’t believe my youngest child is now into double digits! Ella’s been very excited about her birthday this year. Mind you, she always is but she’s matured a little this year. Her presents have been arriving for the past week and instead of hiding them I’ve been putting them on the fireplace with Kaycee’s.

She would normally be begging to open them but this year she’s only asked once!

I think she’s finally understanding that opening them early only leaves disappointment on your birthday. You’ve nothing left to open and your birthday is then just like any other day.

She hasn’t got as many presents this year as she usually does. She’s asked for spending money for when she goes to Disneyland Paris with her sister, Kellyann and her partner, Ian, in a couple of weeks.

Ella's last day of being 9!

Happy birthday beautiful girl. We love you 🙂