Book Display Posters – Free To Use

As you may know, I volunteer in the book department at my local St Barnabas charity shop. Every week I change the display and yesterday I made some posters for the next few week’s displays.

Book Display Posters

Today I’m doing an author spotlight display on Margaret Dickinson. She’s a Lincolnshire lady so I thought it was about time we showcased her work!
I’ve read some of her books (before I changed from historical fiction to thrillers) and I really enjoyed them.

author spotlight Margaret Dickinson Book Display Posters

The display for June 30th is called – There’s a book for that! The display will consist of How-To books.

There's a book for that - Book Display Posters

The week after, I’m doing another creative crafts display because we’ve had lots of craft items donated recently.

Creative crafts - Book Display Posters

I’ll be putting the classics on display the following week. You can’t beat the classics!

It's a classic - Book Display Posters

The week after will be a young adult fiction display. We get lots of donations of YA novels so it should be a great display.

Young adult fiction - Book Display Posters

I’m looking forward to the next book display. It’s called – An Enchanting Read and I’ve been saving up all the books on witches, wizards and magic that have been donated for the last few months.

An enchanting read - Book Display Posters

The last one I’ve done for now is called – Feed your brain, grab a bite to read. It’s just going to be a mixed display of fiction and non-fiction books.

Feed your brain, grab a bite to read - Book Display Posters

I’ve got lots more posters to make for the displays for the of the year but these will keep us going for a while 🙂

These book display posters are free to use. I made them using Canva with free to use images from Pixabay
It’s easy to design and print your own posters, but if you prefer, you can just order some from

All images on this post only – CC0 Public Domain – Free for commercial use
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