Our Baby Girl Is In France – First School Trip Abroad



Kaycee’s been counting down the days until the school trip to France and now she’s finally there. It was weird her not being here when I got up yesterday. She had to be at school for 5.30 am so she set her alarm for 3 am. Her friend, Sophie, had stayed the night to make it easier to go to school together. They didn’t manage to get to sleep very early; they were just too excited, I think!

She’d gone before we woke up so she left a goodbye note on the fridge for us all. She’s such a sweetheart. I’m going to miss her being away this week. I know how much fun going on a school trip abroad can be, though, so I’m happy that she was able to go.

Monthly Allowance

She paid for the trip herself out of her monthly allowance. We’re very proud of how she managed her money.
During the last school year, when they were both at Junior school, it felt like they wanted money for something every week. They wanted to join every club, buy every school photo and spend money at book fayres and summer fayres and Christmas fayres. They also wanted hot school meals every week and pounds here and there for various fundraising days.
It was getting very expensive and a bit out of control so we decided that they would be given a monthly allowance.

They now have to work out what clubs they can afford to join. If they can’t afford them all, they have to pick which one they’d most like to do.
If they have money left at the end of the month, they’re not allowed to spend it on rubbish. They know they have to keep it in the tin so it builds up.


To pay for France, Kaycee did need a little extra help from us and other family members. She’d not been getting the allowance long enough for it to build up but she still did well with her budget.
She went without hot school meals, opting to take a packed lunch instead and the only club she carried on paying for was Guides. She saved Christmas money so she’d have plenty of spending money.

I can’t wait for her to come home so I can hear all about it. Thinking of her in France with her friends reminds me of when I want to Holland on my school trip. I hope she has as much fun on her trip as I did on mine 🙂

Kaycee France