Shiny New KitchenAid #KitchenAid


The super wonderful husband has always wanted a KitchenAid but more so just recently. He has been baking our daily bread (well, not mine because I can’t have white bread on Slimming World without using syns) for a few years now.

Kneading the dough was getting hard for him so his mum bought him a stand mixer for Christmas 2015. He loved it and used it for lots of different things, including mashed potatoes, which everyone agrees, he’s the master at! He makes his own pasta dough and baked along with Jenny for her Great British Bake Off linky last year.

We all loved his fougasse and I for one can’t wait till he makes it again. I’ll have to save lots of syns for that!

Unfortunately, it didn’t last the year and he ended up returning it and getting the money back. He decided to try a Kenwood mixer. It’s been ok and is still working but it wasn’t as good as his first mixer.

Starting to save up

We decided that due to the amount of baking and cooking he now does (he does 90% of the cooking now) he should start saving for a KitchenAid.

I told his Mum, Dad and children, as well as my side of the family who buy him Christmas and birthday gifts, that he was saving for a mixer. His birthday is 6 weeks before Christmas Day. Thanks to our family, he got quite a chunk of the cost of his mixer last year.

After a week of disappointment and annoyance due to a not very communicative Ebay seller, which tarnished the excitement a little, he finally got a tracking number and learned that it was for delivery yesterday.

His brand spanking, sparkly red KitchenAid mixer arrived in the morning and he LOVES it 🙂

Now we just have to change the colour scheme of our kitchen from blue to red. Time to go shopping!

Red KitchenAid Artisan