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2nd November 2016

Meringue crown fit for a queen! #GBBOBloggers2016

Meringue crown Kaycee (11) was adamant that she wanted to do the final bake after winning star baker with her apple and cinnamon filo pastry tarts 🙂 She wanted to do everything from the GBBO final! I thought about it but after careful consideration, I […]

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November monthly bucket list

Each new month seems to be rolling around faster and faster, I can’t believe it’s November already. Even Ella has said this year is flying by! It’s time for my monthly bucket list again so here’s how I did in October.

November bucket list

  1. Carry on with sorting the SEO on my blog posts (this is going to be on every month til it’s done!)
    Still working on it 🙂
  2. Finish the last of my Christmas present shopping and get my online grocery orders organised. I use the shopping list feature on Tesco and Asda to plan ahead. I can then just add them to my basket when I’m ready to book a delivery.
    Still working on it! I’ve got most of my lists done and only a few presents left to buy. I’m planning on going shopping tomorrow so hopefully, I’ll be able to finish up
  3. Go on holiday to Mablethorpe with Ant and the girls 🙂
    We had a great week with much better weather than last time. I’ll be posting about our visit to Skegness aquarium later in the week.
  4. Get all the posts for the month done and scheduled so I can take a total week off when we’re on holiday. I’m taking part in #Blogtober16 which is a daily prompt for a blog post so I can get them done in advance.
    I did manage to get all my blog posts scheduled so I didn’t have to worry about the blog at all while we were away 🙂

In November I plan to:

  1. Carry on with the SEO work on old blog posts.
  2. Get the Christmas decorations from the loft and check to see if there’s anything we need to buy.
  3. Get my 7.5 stone weight loss award back at Slimming World. I need to lose 10lb to get back to the weight I was when I got my award.
  4. Clear and organise under the stairs. It keeps getting so messy you can’t get in there because no one can be bothered to put shoes on the rack or coats on the hooks. Then they’re complaining to me in the mornings because they can’t find shoes/coats/school bags/P.E. kits!
  5. Sort the chore chart out again. Everyone has their own chores but only Aiden does his consistently. The girls keep ‘forgetting’. We need a routine and the chart helped last time.
  6. Get the whole house cleaned so it’s all lovely when we put the decorations up on the first Saturday in December 🙂
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