4 Things – Fun questions to answer :)

4 things

4 things

I saw this on Kim’s blog, Northumberland Mam, yesterday and thought I’d join in the fun ūüôā

4 Things questions

Four names that people call me other than Michelle:

1) Mum
2) Shell
3) Shelly
4) The husband calls me his precious little swamp duck!

Four jobs that I have had:

1)¬†Mother’s help (like a Nanny but less money and more work!)
2) Factory supervisor in a packaging factory
3)¬†A very short stint as a care worker in an old people’s home
4) Laundrette manager

Four movies I have watched more than once:

1)¬†It’s a wonderful life
2) One magic Christmas
3) Mary Poppins
4) The wizard of Oz

Four books I’d recommend:

1) The October list by Jeffrey Deaver
2) The Harry Potter books.
3) The Agatha Raisin books
4) The Wideacre trilogy by Phillipa Gregory

Four places I’ve lived:

1) Kilburn (Derbyshire, not London)
2) Denby
3) Belper
4) Lincoln

Four places I’ve been:

1) Scotland.
2) Holland
3) New York state
4) Vermont

Four places I’d rather be right now:

1) Italy
2) Anywhere away, just me and the husband
3) Disney World.
4) On the beach, eating fish and chips!

Four things I don’t eat:

1) Tripe
2) Liver
3) Olives
4) Cockles

Four of my favourite foods:
(I’ve kept the first three of Kim’s choices here!)

1) Chinese.
2) Pizza.
3) Chocolate.
4) Ice cream

Four TV shows I watch:

1) Call the midwife
2) Big Brother.
3) Criminal Minds
4) Finding Carter

Four things I am looking forward to this year:1) Our caravan holiday at Mablethorpe in October
2) Doing the things on our Summer Bucket List
3) My mum coming to dye my hair. The amount of grey is now horrendous!
4)¬†My absolute favourite time of the year…..CHRISTMAS!

Four things I am always saying:
(Also sticking with Kim’s first and fourth choices here!)

1) Stop fighting with your sister!
2) For goodness sake!
3) Girls, enough!
4) Go and ask your dad!I tag…anyone who fancies sharing their own four things!