How does your garden grow?

Wildlife Pond

It’s been a while since I wrote about the garden because frankly, it’s a mess and needs a huge amount of work doing on it.
I kept putting it off but over the last few weeks we’ve made a start and things are finally getting the way we want them.

The biggest project by far is the wildlife pond, waterfall and stream that the super wonderful husband is in the process of creating.

Wildlife Pond in our garden

We’re waiting for some pond plants to be delivered that we ordered from eBay and Ant’s nearly got everything sorted on the waterfall (we’re having a few setbacks due to leaks but he’s getting there!) and stream so hopefully we’ll be getting some wildlife in there soon!

The earlier plans I had for the garden have been totally changed! Where the pond was going to go at the top of the garden, we’re now designating that area for the 10ft round paddling pool we’re going to buy this year. I’m sick of buying blow up ones that get popped in the first week so we’re going to spend a bit more money and get a stronger one.

The pond is now next to the patio so that I can sit by the side of it and watch the wildlife. I’ve already been out there just listening to the water when the waterfall has been on and I absolutely love it. It’s going to look wonderful when it’s all planted up.

As to the rest of the garden, Ant wants to build a hobbit house for the kids, we’re still planning on covering the patio with a wooden veranda and I’m hoping to be able to afford some comfortable patio furniture at some point this year 🙂

I’ve got a border to dig over, weed and scatter some seeds as well as lots of pots to empty and plant up with new flowers.

It’s a busy time but I love it!

We’ve got far too many of these…..

Snails on Ella's hand

that, as you can see, Ella loves, and the forget me nots have been looking lovely.

Forget me not flowers

After seeing how they’ve taken over my mother in law’s garden, I’m happy I put mine in pots! She’s never had as many as she’s had this year. It does look gorgeous, the sea of blue, but we’ve had to pull lots of them up before they start to seed again.

Talking of seeds, we’ve got too many of these as well

Dandelion seed head

which look really lovely but cause so much hard work!

Finally, the apple tree has had hardly any blossom this year and I fear we won’t be getting half as a good crop out of it as we did last year

Apple tree

It’s nice to be posting about the garden again and I hope to be joining in with HDYGG more often now the house is just about done 🙂