Project 365 – January 24th – 31st

January 24th
I bought this book for Ella from the charity shop because she was a bit upset that she didn’t have many new books for Christmas. Kaycee got the full series of Lemony Snicket books and Ella wanted a book of her own that she could read to us each night.
January 24th - The Enchanted Table
January 25th
The top photo is from last week and the bottom one from today after Ant and I spent some more time in the garden getting it cleaned up 🙂
garden before


garden after
January 26th
Can’t resist using the macro setting on my new camera!
macro setting on my new camera - dead leaf
January 27th
These new rhubarb and crumble hi-fi bars are absolutely delicious. They take me right back to being a child and buying a quarter of the sweets from the local shop.
Janaury 28th
Kaycee and Ella made some cinder toffee cupcakes minus the cinder toffee!
cinder toffee cupcakes
January 29th
The girls were hoping for a lot more snow than we actually got!


it's snowing
January 30th
We watched Lemony Snicket on Netflix because we’re currently on book 2 of the series.


Lemony Snicket on Netflix
January 31st
I don’t usually add today’s photo because I normally do the post in the morning before I’ve taken the photo but seeing as it’s the last day of the month I figured I’d finish the month off.
We decided to take a trip to Donna Nook but it turned into a bit of a disaster!
It was fine weather all the way until we got there. The rain then started and soaked us all while the wind whipped around and almost froze us!
As we stood there, trying to see the sea and not being able to because the rain was going straight in our eyes, I turned to the girls and said, this is the worst trip out ever!
Thankfully we all saw the funny side and laughed :o)
We quickly got back in the car after taking the photo, started to come home and the rain stopped!
The highlight though was finding a farm shop where we bought 6 swedes (I stocked up because they’re a pound each from Tesco), 3 leeks and 2 bags of sprouts for a fiver :o)


How is it already February tomorrow?!