Project 365 – January 17th – 23rd

January 17th
I loved Ally McBeal when it first came on. I’ve now got all the seasons on DVD (I found some of the box sets on Ebay for less than £3!) so I can start again from the beginning 🙂
January 17th - 23rd - Ally McBeal DVD
January 18th
Kaycee takes after me….ice-cream is her favourite dessert!


KayCee eating ice cream
January 19th
The super wonderful husband and I started the big garden clean-up. Yes, that is a sprinkling of snow and yes it was flipping freezing but it has to be done and the sooner the better as far as I’m concerned.
This is the year where our garden looks lovely again and not like a dumping ground! The garden is what drew me to this house in the first place and it makes me really sad to see it like this.
We got rid of loads of old wood last Monday and cleared the path down the side of the house. Aiden thought it was brilliant that he could get his bike down there without risking life and limb when he got home from school!


tidying the garden
January 20th
Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to my highest Tots 100 rank 🙂 I was delighted to get into the top 100 and it’s lovely to be climbing higher and higher each month 🙂
ranked # 66 on Tots 100
January 21st
I love wall stickers and these birdcage ones are gorgeous! I’m going to be using them and some whiteboard calendar stickers for each of the kids so we can keep track of their chores. Post to follow.
wall stickers
January 22nd
Ella was missing Kaycee tonight. She’d gone to Sheffield with the school to sing at the Young Voices concert and Ella wasn’t used to her not being here! She liked being able to watch her Barbie movies without Kaycee complaining about them though!
Ella on the sofa watching Barbie
January 23rd
Kaycee had a great time at the Young Voices concert. She didn’t get home till about 11.30pm and she was shattered at school the next day but it was a great experience for her 🙂
KayCee sang with Young Voices 2015 at Sheffield arena