Project 365 – January 10th -16th

January 10th – Another game of Tension. It’s fast becoming one of our favourites 🙂

January 10th - Kaycee and Ella playing Tension
January 11th – After the bath


Ella after her bath
January 13th – I’ve been following a new plan from Slimming World and I’m not allowed potatoes, rice or pasta as well as selected fruit and vegetables. It’s based on filling up with low density and high protein foods. I’ve lost 6.5lb in 2 weeks. I’m enjoying it and not missing the carbs at all. Here I made swede chips for me and potato chips for everyone else. I’ve tried celeriac roasted and chipped as well and I love it!


Swede chips, sausages, eggs and beans
January 14th – Practising holding her pencil properly with the help of new Stabilo pens and pencils. Love the ‘tongue of concentration’ poking out! Review to follow.


Ella practicing her writing
January 14th – It’s been a very long time since I got Slimmer of the Week. I’m totally back on track and ready to put the rubbish year I had last year, behind me and get lots more of this weight off this year 🙂


Slimmer of the week
January 15th – I’m doing a photography course and had to fill the frame with colour for this prompt.


White flower
January 16th – A healthy lunch of ham and eggs (protein) cucumber and tomato (low-density foods aka Speed foods) with a little fat-free dressing and salad cream (2 syns) followed by melon and clementines (speed foods).