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Christmas stocking and cushion

I’ve tried doing Project 365 photography challenge 3 times now and I’ve only been successful once so I figured since I’ve had a wonderful new camera for Christmas I should put it to good use and try again 🙂

Remembering to take a photo every day is much harder than it seems!

January 1st – Aiden’s stocking full of gifts, waiting for him to come home tomorrow 🙂

Project 365 - day 1 - Aiden's stocking

January 2nd – They’re back :oD They’ve been away with family since Boxing Day and even though I’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet, I’m happy they’re home.

Aiden, KayCee and Ella are home


January 3rd – Daddy helping the girls to learn magic tricks 🙂

Daddy helping KayCee and Ella learn magic tricks