Excellent customer service :)

Ella was really excited when she saw a picture of Paddington Bear on the jar of Robertson’s marmalade the other week. It said there were badges to collect so she asked if I could go on the website and find out how to collect them.
I tried going to the website but couldn’t find the promotion anywhere.
After checking for a while then searching Google and getting Ant to search Google, with no joy, I emailed Robertson’s customer service, asking how we could collect the badges.

I didn’t hear back from them but to be honest I’d totally forgotten about it.

Today the postman put a package through my door. I’m expecting some items for review so thought it was one of them but it turned out to be a letter from Hain Daniels Group informing me that the promotion had ended but they had a few of the badges left and had included 1 of each design for Ella 😀

I wasn’t expecting that at all and would like to thank Robertson’s (@HainDaniels) for making a little girl very happy 😀

Paddington badges from Robertson's - excellent customer service