Millionaire Shortbread

This is another of our summer bucket list ideas and one of our favourites to date because it’s just so delicious!
We were going to write out the recipe for this millionaire shortbread so we took all the photos, but then I remembered that we’ve already done a recipe for it on the blog. You can find it here.

KayCee measured all the ingredients for millionaire shortbread
Kaycee loves to organise everything ahead of a cooking session!


Galaxy chocolate
Yummmmm Galaxy!


KayCee mixing the ingredients
Kaycee made the shortbread…


Ella helped make the caramel
while Ella helped with the caramel (for a very short time because she got fed up with how long it was taking!)
homemade caramel
Note to self, get someone else to take photos so you never have to stop stirring the caramel. Tiny little dark brown specks where it started to burn is not good!


millionaire shortbread
The eagle-eyed bakers amongst you will spot that our shortbread isn’t cooked properly. I didn’t understand why until I realised we’d used the wrong sized tin so should have cooked it for longer than the recipe said. The kids didn’t mind, they ate all up!


millionaire shortbread
So. Many. Calories. But oh so delicious!